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  1. rockstar232007

    Singer tells drummer to stop dragging.

    So, George had a Jones, for Porter's Wagoner?
  2. rockstar232007

    Strange marks near edge of top, what are they?

    It's from when they scraped the binding. Sometimes, they go a little too close to the wood/finish.
  3. rockstar232007

    Could Chibsons Ever Become Undetectable?

    How much does a lutheir-built replica cost? The amount of time, and attention to detail reflects that. Again, the time/effort it would take for the counterfeiters to even come close would be counterproductive to their goal.
  4. rockstar232007

    Could Chibsons Ever Become Undetectable?

    This. Also, their goal is to maximise profits, so they're not going to spend the time/money/effort trying to create carbon-copies, especially when there are idiots who will buy them, most knowingly, bc they have "insert brand-name here* on the headstock.
  5. rockstar232007

    Terry Kath.... holy sheet!!

    I'm amost 39, and Chicago has been one of my all-time faves, since I was 5 years old. No joke, even though TK died 4 years, before I was born, when my mom told me he was dead, it gutted me.
  6. rockstar232007

    Terry Kath.... holy sheet!!

    He was Jimi's favorite player. That says a lot.
  7. rockstar232007

    Not sure why this entertained me

    IMHO, the first part doesn't really work, timimg-wise. The chorus, however, is right on point.
  8. rockstar232007

    This is terrible

    All by design, sadly.
  9. rockstar232007

    1977 Greco EG-600P Frampton Triple Humbucker Custom

    DUDE! I was literally just looking for one of these!!! :wow: If only...
  10. rockstar232007

    Does anything really surprise you anymore?

    Looks like someone who's trying to "overcompensate" would wear. Btw, they do look a little...phalic, so...
  11. rockstar232007

    Hail, fountain pens!

    I used to have a decent set, bc I used to do calligraphy. Now, I only have a cheap Pilot, which I barely use.
  12. rockstar232007

    Do you believe in owning a Second "Beater" Guitar?

    Just 1? I have a few. I don't "baby" any of my guitars. I also don't act like an idiot with them.
  13. rockstar232007

    Let's blow up another rocket. SN10 planned for test flight today.

    Wish I had that kind of money to burn...literally.
  14. rockstar232007

    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    Definitely! Got a great wife, two awesome sons, our own home/cars, etc... Not rich, by any standards, but our bills get paid, we have food in our bellies, and clothes on our backs...and, I still have my "toys", so it's all good.:thumb: It could be better, but due to "that which shall not be...
  15. rockstar232007

    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    The same way a lot of other people I've seen - copius amounts of lottery-tickets. Seriously, though. After the first round, I was at 7-11, and there were at least 7 people in line, dropping some serious $ on tickets. I saw one guy, in his mid-late 60s, throw down like $200! Hell, just the...
  16. rockstar232007

    1964 Gibson SG

    Every time I see a vintage SG for sale, I die a little inside, bc it reminds me of the one that got away. Had the chance to buy my uncle's '61-'62 for a little less than half of yours, but it just wasn't in the cards. GLWS! She's a beauty!
  17. rockstar232007

    Diversity training

    Don't forget "affimitive-action". Not even sure how this has survived, when it it is against the law to hire people specifically based on race, religion, sex, etc...? Equal-opporotunity, my ass!
  18. rockstar232007

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Or, "appropriation". In fact, I ate some Ramen noodles last night, so...
  19. rockstar232007

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    The thing I hate the most about the whole "cancel culture" is, the small minority of aholes, who think they speak for the majority. Must be nice to have that kind of time/energy to just find things to be offended about?
  20. rockstar232007

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Can't tell if you're being serious, or not, but I don't see that as "racist"?

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