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  1. fatdaddypreacher

    early gibson hollow body....can some one supply pics and some idea of exactly what it is....

    I have no pics, but need help identifying an old gibson electric. I figured someone might can identify it from my description and locate it and tell me a little something about it. It's a rather small body, with the shape of a junior, with the horn being quite pointed. It has a curved top and...
  2. fatdaddypreacher

    freezing lacquer

    have been buying my lacquer locally, but looking to change to cardinal which i have to order. i'm concerned with weather in transit, and curious if it were to encounter below freezing temperatures if it will harm it.
  3. fatdaddypreacher

    pot positions

    it's hard to find a pic, but assuming the way the cavities are drilled, i probably know the answer to this, but when finishing a carved top lp style build, should the pot shafts be parallel to each other regardless of direction they are viewed from, or is it proper to slant each one relative to...
  4. fatdaddypreacher

    proper wiring

    as many of you may have noticed....and tired of it:), i've posted some threads lately which seemed to be basic in nature considering i've been here a while and even managed to muster up a couple or so guitars that may have even accidently been decent---or at least approaching it. My objective...
  5. fatdaddypreacher

    how fine is too fine...sanding before buffing.

    title pretty much sums up my question. How fine of a grit is adequate before moving to buffing wheel.....using lacquer? I have gone as fine as 2000, but may be overkill. thanks.
  6. fatdaddypreacher

    opinions on fretboard process

    I am currently building several fretboards and am curious as to your opinions on the best way to approach the tasks. I have several flat, non tapered, not cut to final length, and have been slotted. I use a router sled to cut the radius using a router, obviously, and am happy with the job it...
  7. fatdaddypreacher

    advice on fret crowning files needed

    have been doing frets old school with flat file and lots of labor. while i doubt i'll do more than a couple or so new builds a year at most, i'd like to keep my cost down, but speed up the process without suffering quality. I generally buy from stew mac do to convenience, but am open to...
  8. fatdaddypreacher

    celluloid inlay material

    two part question here....can celluloid material be successfully cut with laser printer, and if so any tricks? part two....if so, where could i get a small piece of it to make inlays with. thanks. i would like it to be close to original design
  9. fatdaddypreacher

    Oil I want to know is.....

    I want to see pics of guitars finished in oil. been viewing a recent popular thread, and have seen an oiled guitar every now and then, but would like to see some of what this forum has to offer using this finish, or perhaps even a french polish finish. I'm sorta a lacquer only guy and am only...
  10. fatdaddypreacher

    bridge location

    been searching on best way to mathmaticaly locate bridge on new construction. LP style build. Normally I install the tailpiece, nut, and tuners and install both e strings, sliding the bridge in place til i reach good intonation (with saddles centered), but can't do that on this build as...
  11. fatdaddypreacher

    Don't know if this is good news or not....

    I buy virtually all my stuff from stew mac, as i don't build many at all and i find their service exceptional. They have deep and wide inventory, and although they are a bit higher than if i price shopped, it's much more convenient to try to make a one stop shop. However, I believe we all have...
  12. fatdaddypreacher

    Fat Daddy---down but not out

    i've been hesitant to post this, as i'm surely not doing this to draw attention to myself, and couple that to needing to give it time to see if I really knew where this whole deal was gonna take me, but the more I thought about it, you guys have become a bit of a family or brotherhood (and...
  13. fatdaddypreacher

    photo albums

    do we still have our photo albums, and if so, how do i access them. thx
  14. fatdaddypreacher

    grizzly temporary freight charges now only 25$ per tool

    title pretty much tells it all, but recently someone posted about grizzly band saws and i can't seem to find the post, or thread, but one of the draw backs for grizzly tools is the freight. It looks like they have a special now that any tool will be only 25 bucks freight. hope this helps someone
  15. fatdaddypreacher

    shaping fretboards

    i have recently stolen ideas from others about building a radiusing jig for cutting radius on fretboards and am well pleased with the whole process, but am curious as to how others find their greatest success regarding inlays. Is it best to cut the inlay routes before or after radiusing, which...
  16. fatdaddypreacher

    medium jumbos

    i thought i've seen this here somewhere, but for the life of me can't find it. can someone tell me the closest stew mac fret comes to medium jumbos? i promise i'll write it down somewhere, but can't promise i'll remember where. thanks
  17. fatdaddypreacher

    Acoustic restring...

    not to good at this electric guitar thing, and waaay worse on acoustics, so I have a question. My grand daughter has a fairly nice steel string acoustic, but wants nylon strings on it. aside from the nut and perhaps bridge notches, are there any other reasons this can't be done?
  18. fatdaddypreacher

    Poly touch up

    I apologize for this before i start, for i'm sure it's been covered somewhere, so if it has, please refer me to it, but I can't seem to find anything on this. I have an Ovation in for headstock repair and need to touch up the color and clear gloss. I am set up for lacquer, but not for poly. I...
  19. fatdaddypreacher

    photo problems

    any ideas as to when we will be able to post pics to threads? thanks.
  20. fatdaddypreacher

    tuner troubles....

    excuse my apparent ignorance and noobiness to this high tech world, but i upgraded from a snark to a chromatic tu3 tuner and like it quite well...when i can remember how to work it. However, i have never tried to check tuning on an acoustic or a solid body that hasnt been wired. certainly...

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