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  1. JMB1984

    Bigsby on my R9

    That is the beauty of the vibramate he is using. It allows for installing the bigsby without any permanent changes to the guitar.
  2. JMB1984

    Bigsby on my R9

    Nice photos! The bigsby looks great on that one!
  3. JMB1984


    Looks like HOG tops are back in a big way! Congrats on that one!
  4. JMB1984

    2016 vs 2019 Cases?

    The older case also has 5 of the “better” latches. The newer, more accurate case, only has 1 of them and then 5 other latches that’s are not as good IMO.
  5. JMB1984

    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    Nibs on a Historic or Standard built in a “Original” style. I don’t care if modern guitars exclude them. As for the strings catching in the fret, that was an issue when Gibson started using thicker binding on the USA Traditionals, but they went back to narrower binding somewhere around 2018-2019.
  6. JMB1984

    What is your honest opinion about the LP Modern?

    I think the ideal Modern could be achieved by improving some key features and ditching a few others: -Improve the neck joint like the Axcess/Discontinued HP -Provide both 50s and 60s neck profiles just like the Standard line to accommodate players with differing size and fit needs (Stop...
  7. JMB1984

    What is your honest opinion about the LP Modern?

    The Gibson Les Paul Traditonal Pro V is pretty close to the previous push/pull pot Standard from 2018 or 2019 (Henry era). It just doesn’t have the neck joint and Ebony board on the new Modern. The neck joint wasn’t done right to be effective IMO. It was better on the old HP models and they...
  8. JMB1984

    what are some of the other fingerboard materials used on Gibsons in the last 10 years or so?

    Gibson Custom Shop has also used Brazilian Rosewood and Bolivian Rosewood.
  9. JMB1984

    Ultra modern weight relief x resonance

    There are no issues with interpreting your statement. I’m just pointing out that since most original 59s fell under 9 lbs, your statement implies that the most iconic and well regarded LPs are wrong.
  10. JMB1984

    Ultra modern weight relief x resonance

    So most 59 Les Pauls are wrong? :naughty:
  11. JMB1984

    Ultra modern weight relief x resonance

    This is not true for all Traditional‘s. Some were infact Swiss cheesed or chambered depending on the year and run.
  12. JMB1984

    SG Body and Pickguard Shape (Small Guard)

    The CreamTone looks like a huge improvement. Great to pinpoint a source for them. I wouldn’t mind seeing shots if it on the guitar if you have them and it is not too much trouble. Either way, thanks for sharing!
  13. JMB1984

    My first issue with any of my Historic Custom Shop LPs.

    Do you guys have a source/part number for the specific thumbwheel you are doubling up with? Does it match the one Gibson uses?
  14. JMB1984

    SG Body and Pickguard Shape (Small Guard)

    Thanks for the input. It looks like a little bit of both and I also noticed that the number of pickguard screws are different. I see this as intentional differentiation because Gibson could make the shape and guard the same if they wanted to. When comparing the same area, it looks like the new...
  15. JMB1984

    SG Body and Pickguard Shape (Small Guard)

    I was comparing the historic SG body shape to the Gibson USA body shape and noticed that it looks different, particularly near the treble side horn. Is the wood carved differently or is it the shape of the pickguard (small guard)? If it is the guard, are there replacement guards (Gibson or...
  16. JMB1984

    Buying R9 2019 60th anniversary or R8 2018 with a good top

    The R8 top looks more like an authentic burst. I really do not like tops like that R9. They make me think veneer.
  17. JMB1984

    R8 Weight & Tone

    Same here. My 2013 R8 has survived at least 7 Historics that were purchased after it and have since found new homes. This includes several R9s.
  18. JMB1984

    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    In other words, you can blame Henry for this one too.
  19. JMB1984

    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    Looks killer! Very cool to see this process play out. Be sure to let us know how it plays and sounds!
  20. JMB1984

    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    Cool details on the condition of the original red-eye. I use to have a CC16 and one of things I liked about it was that it was a recreation of a burst that really was in great shape besides the cool color fading. I remember the CC had small dings here and there, but not much (if anything) in...

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