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  1. Bobby_Lee

    Saw Joe Bonamassa last night

    And it was great. Small venue in Peekskill, NY. Played a lot of my favorites. And a few off his new album Black Rock. The man is truly amazing on all of his guitars. Also got to meet him briefly after the show. He signed one of my pickguards which was cool and, of course, I reciprocated by...
  2. Bobby_Lee

    Someone wants me to make a pickguard for this

    I asked the fellow for a couple of pics after he told me what the distance was between the two pickups. This doesn't look right at all for a Gibson Custom Shop. What do you guys say? :hmm: I probably already know what you're going to tell me. Thanks ahead of time......
  3. Bobby_Lee

    Any paintballer's past present or future?

    So how many of you play or have played paintball? Tournament? Scenario? I used to be a tournament player in the late '90's thru 2003. I still can play some fair speedball for an old guy :naughty: Tell me where ya play and what equipment you use or would like to use
  4. Bobby_Lee

    C'mon! I know ya want to...........

    Jonas Brothers :hmm::rolleyes:
  5. Bobby_Lee

    Oh np what has my brother done?!

    Alright let me start this story off with the fact my brother is a great guy. Warm and generous. Not a musician though. I've never held that against him. :cool: Here we go. Last weekend (end of February) was my birthday. My brother calls me from upstate (He lives near Albany, NY and I live near...
  6. Bobby_Lee

    Was it that long ago........

    Alright I just came across this pic of a band I was in mmm late '60s early '70s. This was a place called the "Top of the World" near Thatcher Park outside of Albany NY. circa 1968. And yea that dork in the middle is me :shock: The guitar I was using at that particular moment in time was a Vox...
  7. Bobby_Lee

    Well I've done my part to stimulate the economy!

    :thumb::thumb: Hey all. I've been going back and forth over my purchasing another Lester. Problem is I went to Guitar Center and played a couple of their Traditionals and yea, I fell in love with another Les Paul (Some how feel like one of the fringe Mormon sects :shock: I guess it's like Big...
  8. Bobby_Lee

    '08 Traditional What comes in the case?

    Besides the Lester:hmm: As far as case candy goes? And do the new LP cases come without the lock? Just curious. :confused:
  9. Bobby_Lee

    '08 Faded less than 10hrs $1100!?

    Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded Ultra Lite 6.8 lbs! - eBay (item 170277398027 end time Nov-14-08 19:12:33 PST) If I had the $ I would pull the trigger on this. BIN is $1800 but he has no reserve and the price is at $1100 with no bidders and less than 10 hour to go and FREE shipping. Over 100...
  10. Bobby_Lee

    "Screwless" For the Epi's (Finally!!)

    :thumb: Alright Epi Les Paul owners. It took me awhile but I finally have them! Email me at [email protected] And heres's a pick of the Ltd Ed Slash Les Paul Pickguard (On my WB Pickup powered Studio!) :slash::slash::thumb::thumb:
  11. Bobby_Lee

    Don't tell BOBBO!!

    I've gotten everyone together to purchase him this service for his Les Paul! I know he'll love it.......... MIRRORBALL service for your Gibson Les Paul KAMN - (eBay item 130172716405 end time Nov-20-07 09:18:53 PST) I can't believe how much he's gonna love it!!! Don't forget!! Don't tell...
  12. Bobby_Lee

    Gibsons new Robot guitar!?

    Gibson Robot Guitar Hhhmmmm.........:confused: Oh yeah, I'm sure this is the Gibson BOBBO is going to trade his for.................
  13. Bobby_Lee

    I hope all out SoCal friends are alright.

    With this fire roaring thru the San Diego area I hope all our mylespaul members that live near there are alright. My prayers are with them and everyone else that has been affected.
  14. Bobby_Lee

    Michael Angelo Batio in Rockland Co.Sunday

    In case in anyone might be interested who live close enough to Rockland County NY
  15. Bobby_Lee

    NYC-Rockland Co. Bergen Co. Westchester

    Any mylespaul members that might be in the vicinity of Rockland County NY YouTube - Michael Angelo Batio Double-Guitar Solo
  16. Bobby_Lee

    New model LP's LP WTF

    :wtf: For those of you who have all the Burst's And a couple of WTF SG's
  17. Bobby_Lee

    Epi Flamekat

    Alright, I couldn't resist. I don't have it in my hot little paws yet, probably next week. Anyone else have or had one? Good points/bad points? Stock photos........I'll take pics of mine when I finally have it.
  18. Bobby_Lee

    Oxblood? Hey Will.......

    GIBSON LES PAUL custom shop OXBLOOD back FIGURED burst - (eBay item 200160504994 end time Oct-14-07 08:48:31 PDT) :confused:
  19. Bobby_Lee

    AOL radio and the accoustic blues station

    :) Does anyone else hear have AOL and ever listen to AOL radio and more specifically the accoustic blues station? It's fantastic. Hardly any commercials and great selection of blues numbers. If ya get a chance, try it. Especially if you're into the blues. :thumb: ps Not the XM radio...
  20. Bobby_Lee

    2003 Oxblood on eBay

    2003 03 Gibson Les Paul Standard Oxblood Beck RARE R4 - (eBay item 270172616369 end time Oct-05-07 22:56:32 PDT)

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