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  1. MikeyV

    Did Historic hardware change in 2018?

    One thing I know that changed between my '14 and '19 models is the bridge, The ends are very round on the '14 and VERY egg shaped on the '19. Looking at a real ABR, those look about in the middle of the two I have. Cosmetic change, not sure if materials, etc. were changed. To my eye, all...
  2. MikeyV

    The Stock Market Thread (no politics)

    Never forget the dividends. If you get nice checks from those, and you're not looking to sell stock, then the market can do what it will, your income is all set. A cow for her milk, A hen for her eggs, And a stock, by heck, For her dividends. An orchard for fruit, Bees for their honey, And...
  3. MikeyV

    The Stock Market Thread (no politics)

    IMO, as long as you're going long, it's always a good tie to buy. I have a hard time buying when the market is peaked out, but I usually regret not buying when it just goes up after that. IMO again, if you're long, trying to time the market is for the birds. It's bit me more than helped so I...
  4. MikeyV

    lacquer advice please

    You're good, all that stuff is normal and looks like any other Reissue Les Paul. -that lacquer line at the nut is normal, from taping it off/cleaning it up. -the top of teh binding is white because it's not covered with yellowish lacquer. -I do see bleed from teh neck up closer to the body...
  5. MikeyV

    2020 R4 VOS, too green...

    Somebody at Gibson must have had some mushrooms for breakfast. I noticed this on these Wildwood Spec R6s. They're gonna have a hard Time selling these.
  6. MikeyV

    The most violent birthday ever, dash cam of shooting on post 40

    Police (etc) should have bulletproof windshields in their cars for this exact thing. Although it might prevent them from shooting out through it. Cops are my friends, we support you guys! Thank you!
  7. MikeyV

    Great music you found on YouTube!

    This and this
  8. MikeyV

    SNL Super Spreader event.

    I always like the Samurai Delicatessen. Total shit since the early 90's I'd say. Too bad it blows, it's actually live on the west coast now and on before my bedtime.
  9. MikeyV

    Nature is Gnarly

    Savage. It's amazing it hadn't lost consciousness from blood loss. Those guys should have left the scene and let nature taken it's course. :( Prolonging the inevitable. What are they gonna do, take it to the vet?
  10. MikeyV

    2019 Reissues vs The Real Deal

    I have a '14 R8 and a '19 R9, and I really prefer the later PUPs in the '19. It's got a great sound and feel.
  11. MikeyV

    A Bronx Tale....

    One of my favorite movies (I don't have many). And that bar scene is the best. Thanks for posting it so I can just watch it! Now yous can't leave.
  12. MikeyV

    Todd Nance.......drummer for widespread panic RIP

    I love WSP. So sad to see Todd die. I really can't get on with them these days. I'll go to shows when they come around, but whe I listen to WSP shows, it's always the ones with Mikey. They really lost their sound when he died, and it changed again when Todd left. I LOVE Jimmy Herring and I...
  13. MikeyV

    Fake 58 Shrunken Tuners

    "Shrunken, and not very big Mummified, that's fuk'n sick!"
  14. MikeyV

    Fake 58 Shrunken Tuners

    Nice tuners. "Shrunken, you will get Mummified, you won't be upset "
  15. MikeyV

    Fake 58 Shrunken Tuners

    "Shrunken....It would be very nice. Mummified...I would pay the price"
  16. MikeyV

    Reverb Raising Sellers Fees

    Don't matter. They're on my shit list for banning Fulltone products. Get woke, go broke. No wonder they have to raise fees.
  17. MikeyV

    Poor John Mayer....

    I struggle to think of another current guitar player, of any style, that has as much soul/style/touch, etc as Derek. I'm with BB..good thing I'm not a chick...I'd be all moist.
  18. MikeyV

    NGD: the Unicorn - 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    ok, ok! It does look more like the dangerburst! Either way, not bad company, it's a real beauty!
  19. MikeyV

    NGD: the Unicorn - 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    Has a less red, but it really reminds me of The Claw! aka Carmelita.

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