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  1. Axeman16

    Info on 78/79 Matsumoku 335 Clone?

    I picked up this Memphis branded 335 clone, ive been having trouble finding info on. It appears very similar to an aria pro 2 es 700 but has some variances that dont appear on the aria models. The memphis logo and inlays are mop, it has fret edge binding, 2 screw trc, bridge posts are the abr1...
  2. Axeman16

    Silverface Fender Champ Experts, can anyone help narrow down the year on this one?

    Im looking at a silverface fender champ, and im wondering if anyone can help narrow down what year its from? Looks to be clean, guy says its all original with the exception of the tubes which are new. Hes asking 600 canadian, is this a fair price? here are the pics i have, ive requested...
  3. Axeman16

    Marshall SL5 Slash for JCM-1C

    Hey guys, ive had my SL5 up for trade a while back. I like it but i find it lacks fullness and bottom end, and a bit thin. Ive been playing alot of late 60s blues rock but like to play ac dc and gnr types as well so some versatility isnt opposed too. Id been looking to get a fender tube amp for...
  4. Axeman16

    1/4" Input plugs like used on mesa cabs

    anyone know where i can find those plastic 1/4" input plugs like used on mesa cabs? can be seen in this pic id like to block off a few of the ohm inputs on the back of a head of mine. also does anyone know what kind...
  5. Axeman16

    Tube Dampers/Dampeners?

    Hi guys, i recently grabbed an 18w marshall combo and its fantastically unreal but does suffer from some tube rattle. the place i plan to order from has 2 types. just curious if anyone has experience with the 2 as a comparison? i dont plan to spend too much and was wondering if the more...
  6. Axeman16

    Fender Super-Sonic 60w Head Value?

    ive been offered one of these heads in a trade. the black tolex and face panel silver grill model with the ivory knobs. im told its the most recent version from 2011. Curious if anyone knows a value on these? cant find much in the way of info on them. How much did they go for new? used value...
  7. Axeman16

    Marshall SL5 Slash Combo vs JCM 800 Combo

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone has experience with both of these? ive got an sl5 and its a good amp, recently got a 1974x and find my self using the sl5 less. im wondering if i should try and move my sl5 to get a jcm800 combo for post 1975 hard rock tones. the sl5 faceplate layout is...
  8. Axeman16

    sh55 seth lovers vs antiquities?

    in the market for a pickup upgrade. not going to spend the ridiculous cost of boutique winders, not worth it in my opinion for the cost difference. looking to regain some of that classic late 60's british blues tone, think kossoff, clapton, mccarty, bloomfield among others! see no reason why i...
  9. Axeman16

    Lets see your 2002 Classic!

    Ive had mine since 06. Must say i dont come across many 02's. mine is in the 0209xx serial number range, can honestly say ive never seen a classic in this serial number range. its far from all original. coincidentally enough gibson tells me this guitar was shipped one day before my birthday...
  10. Axeman16

    Thoughts? point to point handwired single channel 1974x

    hi guys ive come across this hand built amp. its from the toronto area chassis and cab built by tony texiera of tex amps and the assembly and wiring done by guru martin newall. its got a weber ferromax 12f150 speaker (not familiar with weber, apparently a chicago jensen c12n replacement) the...
  11. Axeman16

    offered trade for a fender amp. 3 choices, know nothing about fender amps!

    hi all, ive been offered a trade for an 81 greco strat. not sure i want to sell it yet but feeling out trades. i value the guitar at 800. the guy has 3 amps to choose from all are fenders. i have long been a marshall guy and know next to nothing about fender amps. though i have been intrigued...
  12. Axeman16

    Edwards Pickup Ring specs? replacing mirrored rings on an edwards john sykes lp.

    ive got a buddy with an edwards john sykes lp and he wants to get rid of the mirrored parts for black. 3/4 of the way there, last on the list is pickup rings. anyone know the screw spacing on edwards pickup rings? or any that would be a direct drop in replacement? hes looking for them to be...
  13. Axeman16

    Do i need a buffer?

    Hey guys, ive been reading a bit about buffers and was curious if some experts could chime in and inform me a bit? Ive got a pretty simplistic board, guitar runs into a korg pitch black tuner, original cry baby wah, an mxr/custom audio electronics mc401 line driver/boost, and an isp noise...
  14. Axeman16

    Cry baby Classic vs?

    im looking at getting a true bypass wah and was curious on your guys' thoughts on the tonal differences of a few, i havent been able to try them yet. im looking to replace my original cry baby wah im looking for the classic british blues rock era wah tones. leaning towards the crybaby...
  15. Axeman16

    help dating celestion

    i picked this up, the date code is smudged hard to make out. any thoughts?
  16. Axeman16

    ever seen one of these?

    Gibson N-225 Nighthawk Electric Guitar with Case, Faded Cherry
  17. Axeman16

    ...the fvck is this?

    1986 Gibson Les Paul Alpine White Finish | guitars | Kitchener / Waterloo | Kijiji
  18. Axeman16

    opinions on this speaker?

    hi all ive got an eminence governor im not using and ive been offered a trade for a g12t75 which ive been looking for. the speaker looks great its an older one but theres been a repair done to it on the edge looks like between the cone and the surround. the guy offering it says he got it like...
  19. Axeman16

    Gibson pickup white id label/sticker

    does anyone know when gibson started using the white sticker/label on the baseplate stating the type of pickup and who wound it on what date? i have a set of 57 classics that predate this period and was trying to pinpoint when they may have been made. my pickups had a simple 57 and 57+ and...
  20. Axeman16

    vintage abr-1 stud/post and thumbwheel materials?

    can anyone tell me what the vintage correct 1950's material the abr-1 posts/studs and thumbwheels are made from? having trouble finding a straight answer

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