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  1. goodvibes

    The Boss book.

    Howdy pedal heads. I know it is a long shot but does anyone out there have downloadable pdf of the following out of print book about boss pedals? I refuse to pay the stupid amount of money people are asking for this book just because it is out of out of print! Thanks. The Boss Book: The...
  2. goodvibes

    What brand amp attenuator do you have now or wish you had.

    I have a couple amps at home that I don't use as much as I would like. Mesa Boogie Mark I reissue and 1963 Fender Vibroverb Reissue. The latter does not have a master volume and is LOUD! The Mesa has a master volume but is still LOUD!! I think this is why I don't use them as much. I'm...
  3. goodvibes

    ES-335 Custom Shop Reissue question

    Can any of you ES-335 experts help me out here? I need to know if there are any animal derived products/parts used in the construction of a 2010 ES-335 '59 Reissue made in the Nashville Custom Shop. For example, are the dot inlays made out of real MOP/abalone shell? Are the head stock inlays...
  4. goodvibes

    Advice on top refinish job.

    The great thing about this forum is that one can get help with making difficult decisions and usually very good advice. I sent my R7 goldtop to Lays guitar shop back in May of this year to have a top only refinish job. I chose them because of their excellent past reputation with this type of...
  5. goodvibes

    What is your favorite Looper pedal under 200$

    Your favorite Looper pedal under 200 USD retail please
  6. goodvibes

    U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Final Rule Regarding Air Travel with Musical Instruments

    This info is more than 4 years old. Not sure if this info had been posted before but here goes... I never knew about this.
  7. goodvibes

    Anyone tried this pedal yet?

    Looks like a very versatile pedal but kinda big. A bit pricey but could possibly replace two separate pedals on your board.
  8. goodvibes

    SOLD. FS lightly aged Bartlett M-69 pickup rings

    I am no-longer using these. I had them installed for a while but removed them before sending a guitar for a makeover. Never gigged. I've decided to keep the currently installed rings. I have an email receipt from Tom if needed. These were purchased in 2014. I have attached a couple of pics...
  9. goodvibes

    Wanted: very small BRW sample

    I was wondering if any builders out there in the U.S.A would be willing to send me a very small sample of true Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra). I would only need a very small scrap piece. I am trying to do an experimental test to try to verify and distinguish between BRW and EIRW. I will...
  10. goodvibes

    Would you do this trade?

    I'm thinking about trading my mint unplayed 2010 CR8 for a 2017 Memphis 1959 Es-335 Reissue. Supposedly the ES-335 is also mint condition. My feeling is that both guitars are very close in retail value. While I still need to play the ES, I have heard great things about these models. I very...
  11. goodvibes

    Historic Abuse!

    I went to my local big box today ( I'm isure you can guess which one) just so I could remind myself why I don't want to go there anymore and I just wanted to show the forum what I saw. A long time ago, I think almost two years now, I saw this beautiful True historic R9 hanging about 10 ft high...
  12. goodvibes

    WTF are these Japanese sellers trying to do?

    Anybody care to explain what is going on with these duplicate auctions on eBay? I seen this more than once and they are two different sellers. Well, at least they have two separate accounts which I did not think was possible but I guess it is. Both are the exact same guitars bit VERY...
  13. goodvibes

    Hey, does anybody out there speak Japanenglish?

    Please I need help translating this: Semi-acco with cavities in the body with high cognition as a jazz guitar tends to be a sweet and soft tone for the bass to come out well, but originally it is light and bright middle and high brightness born by the thin and hard maple plywood echoes It is a...
  14. goodvibes

    Help with replacement tuners for my historic.

    I want to replace the ugly greenish tuners on my 95 historic gold top. There are so many kinds of tuners out there I'm a little overwhelmed so I was wondering if anybody could help me pick some replacement tuners that have a more vintage look to them. I want to get the best quality tuners...
  15. goodvibes

    Updated information on CITES and shipping/buying Rosewood guitars

    just in case anyone is still interested.
  16. goodvibes

    I lost all my photo albums :(

    Anybody else loose your photo albums after the software upgrade? My avatar looks like crap too.
  17. goodvibes

    What are your favorite strings for your historics?

    Just curious what most of you are using out there. If you don't see your exact string choice either vote for the same brand or vote "other" and let us know.:slash: PS. I think you can vote for more than one.
  18. goodvibes

    Help with Mick Taylor riff

    Howdy forum brothers. I need help with a Mick Taylor riff in one of my favorite songs called "can't you hear me knocking" on The Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers". There are plenty of videos on YouTube on the song however I have yet to find one that instructs on how to do his riff just...
  19. goodvibes

    CITES update

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted but I found this article on CITES new regulations. I wanted to post this in case someone here was thinking of selling outside the U.S. I'm selling a historic and I have a very interested buyer in China but after reading this I don't think I want to...
  20. goodvibes

    Most comfortable playing chair/seat/stool?

    What do you sit on while practicing/playing at home? I've tried a few different seating options and can't seem to get comfortable. Please post pics of what you have found to be comfortable for playing seated for extended periods. I have worsening back and neck problems and I need to find...

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