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    Bludotone Bludodrive Mint!!!

    Bludotone Bludodrive 70’s voicing 1x12 Combo - Mint $5250 shipped (cont. U.S.) and paypal'd to forum members. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks, Al
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    FS “Little Buddy” R9 - 7.8lbs!!! (Price Reduction!)

    You guys might remember this guitar. It’s the one-off “collectors’ choice” that was built by the Custom Shop to be an exact copy of Eric Johnson’s former 1959 Burst Serial No. 9 0423 called “Buddy”. Since I’m having a hard time attaching photos from my phone, I’ll simply post the ad from the...
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    Feeler: 1997 Monster Top (OTPG pups)!!!

    Hi All, My 1997 R8, nicknamed “Great White Buffalo.” Just going to see what the interest is. I’m trying to make financial room for a possible vintage purchase. This is by far my #1 les paul, both in looks and in tone. Its previous owners include Eric Ernest and Mat Koehler (current head of...
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    FS 1987 Prehistoric Goldtop (Exactly like Slash's famous one!)

    Hi Everyone, This guitar is now for sale. I love the thing and I hate that it looks like a pump and dump but I really do need to make some financial room. When I did my NGD post, I was genuinely excited about this...
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    2018 Brazilian R9 Mint SOLD!

    Hey everyone, Probably going to regret this but I do have to sell a big ticket item to make some financial room. This is my 2018 CME 80031 Brazilian R9. Amazing, very resonant guitar. Everyone that's ever strummed it has said so (including Vince Gill :)). In mint, pretty much unplayed...
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    NGD!!! 1987 Prehistoric Goldtop 7 0929

    Now the proud owner of this great LP! In very clean condition for a 32 year old guitar. Couple cool things about the serial: It’s literally 75 serial numbers away from Slash’s famous Illusions 1987 Prehistoric Goldtop, the guitar that probably made me and a whole bunch of kids around the world...
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    No more Braz after 2019?

    I’ve heard rumors that the Brazilian rosewood Gibson purchased in 2017 was a one-time deal (and a huge pain in the a$$ paperwork-wise) and the supply will be used up by end of 2019. Anyone have further info?
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    Pete Cornish CC-1 Overdrive (Excellent) Would do $550 paypal'd and shipped (Cont. U.S.) here. Thanks for looking! Please pm me with any questions. Al
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    NGD 2018 R9 Brazilian!

    I’m now the lucky owner of this 2018 R9 Brazilian. I was a skeptic but there’s really something just a little extra going on with these Braz historics. Vintage top, perfect Carmelita neck with zero shoulders, great top carve with a nice pronounced dish, silky board, and very resonant...
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    Awesome High End Repro LP Parts

    I’m selling some parts that I had duplicates of that I had in case of future guitar upgrades. All parts are new/mint and priced paypal’d and shipped (cont. U.S.) - Retrospec real catalin/bakelite amber switch tip (limited supply) $40 (retails for $59) SOLD - Retrospec Kluson Deluxe single...
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    Slash has bought the Robert Johnson ‘burst

    It finally got revealed that the ‘burst Slash has recently bought is in fact the Robert Johnson ‘burst (9 0592).
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    Fender John Cruz Masterbuilt Stratocaster

    My reverb ad attached. $5299 paypal'd and shipped (cont. U.S.) for the forum. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks, Al
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    Souldier Guitar Strap - Like New

    Souldier Brand Vintage Style Fabric guitar strap. Absolutely mint. Ended up getting a different color so never used it. I believe this pattern is called the bohemian (used by Jimmy Page among others). It has turquoise, orange, and brown accents with brown seatbelt material backing and genuine...
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    Parts Drawer Sale: Pigtail, Retrospec, Mojoaxe, Kluson

    I have the following parts for sale. Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing wrong with them. These are some of my favorite repro parts. I had them in my parts drawer because I pretty much had two of everything for a while. Time to unload. Pigtail aged aluminum tailpiece "Standard" (like new - you...
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    Custom Art Historic Black Case

    Please see my below Reverb ad. I'd obviously love to sell it here to save some fees. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks, Al
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    Just the tip!

    New Tip Day! My R8 just got a vintage 1959 catalin switch tip. :applause: Subtle but sure makes things look right.
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    Uncirculated Clean 1960 Burst at Willies

    Not much info on it yet. Anyone know anything about it?
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    What if some of the famous bursts had the "mapleflame mod" done?

    Serious question. It's been suggested that the mod known as the "mapleflame mod" (replacing the stock abr-1 brass posts with much longer steel or even same brass posts) has been around and been used by techs and luthiers for decades. It's also known that Les himself did the mod to his own stage...
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    90's Black Gibson Custom Art Historic Case

    For sale is one of the older (late 90's-early 00's) Gibson Custom Art Historic logo cases. Those of you looking at this ad know how rare these are and how seldom they come up for sale, especially in this excellent condition. I'd rate this at a conservative 9/10 condition with no rips or tears...
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    FS: Bare Knuckle Mule Neck pickup

    $75 shipped (cont US) and paypal'd. This thing sounds amazing. Please pm me with any questions. Thanks, Al

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