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  1. Oranjeaap

    Fifty shades of White

    Okay, I lied. I got only 3. Post your own and lets see if we can make it to 50? (Dont worry about the missing parts, the SG and ES are works in progress)
  2. Oranjeaap

    Pickup ID

    This pickup got pulled from the same guitar as I pulled a gold covered Bill Lawrence HB-R Does this look like a Gibson pickup? The thing that confuses me is the lack of the "Gibson" engraving on the bottom, in combination with it being waxpotted. Soldering looks untouched? (Not sure) Can't get...
  3. Oranjeaap

    Anyone recognize this unmarked strat bridge brand and model?

    Looks sturdy but cant find anything that looks similar.
  4. Oranjeaap

    Help ID Les Paul Custom

    This belongs to member @HANG TIGHT He was having difficulties uploading pictures, hence I posted them for him Should be a bunch of pictures visible in the box below:
  5. Oranjeaap

    How to remove paint splatters from an already finished guitar?

    I bought a nice looking guitar on ebay a while ago, it should arrive here next week. Got a good deal on it! Here is why: It looks like someone used a spraycan of black paint to spray something, and forgot there was a guitar in the room. The guitar is covered in small splatters of black paint...
  6. Oranjeaap

    Active to passive

    I'm getting rid of the EMG's in one of my Gibsons. I know EMG uses 25k pots so I need new pots. Long time ago I installed EMG's in a different guitar, I remember there was an output-jack aswell. Do I need a new output jack now for passive again? Do I need a new switch? Tnx
  7. Oranjeaap

    My Greco gamble from Japan

    My quest: Find a stratocaster that is as good, or better than my Fender Custom Shop strat, for less than halve the price. So far: Contender 1: Fender Highway One strat 2006. Contender 2: Greco stratocaster from Japan. The Greco stratocaster: This surely is a gamble because I bought it online...
  8. Oranjeaap

    Any Fender gurus around that can help me authenticate some vintage pickups?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but need an answer by end of today and thought this subforum is more active than the Fender subforum. I've been offered some 1968 fender pickups for what I think is a steal. Can anyone authenticate them, suggest a ballpark value and wether to pull the trigger or...
  9. Oranjeaap

    From wrap-around to bridge + stopbar

    Hi folks. I have an SG with just the wrap-around stopbar. I'm considering adding some kind of tremolo / vibrola. My preference goes to one of the meastro vibrolas. Or maybe some sort of tailpiece that doesn't require extra drilling. In any case the wrap around needs to be replaced with some...
  10. Oranjeaap

    Changing radius

    Hello all you handy folks. I have this nice stratocaster with ye olde 7,25 radius and vintage frets. The frets are nearing the end of their lives. I bet you see where I'm going with this? The real question is, any of you good with maths? I'm wondering how much wood is sanded away (in mm). Lets...
  11. Oranjeaap

    Does it exsist: 1 humbucker batwing pickguard

    I know there's one for the junior with 1 p90, but can't find any for a 1 humbucker in the bridge batwing pickguard. Anyone know where to get one?
  12. Oranjeaap

    Learning Bass, where to start?

    Looking to expand my horizons and learn the bass. What's a good place to start?
  13. Oranjeaap

    Phil X & The Drills

    Anyone seen em? I was checking my spam folder because I missed an email someone said they send me. Spam folder is also where the countless emails my local music venue sends me go. To my suprise I see Phil X & The Drills as the title of one of my spam mails. Gonna check them out for sure, but...
  14. Oranjeaap

    Help ID weird Les Paul

    I've seen one before but can't remember the model, and for the life of me I can't find anything about it on the internet now.
  15. Oranjeaap

    Active pickups in an ES-335 !!?!?!

    Hi guys, I aquired one of the most unlikely guitars Gibson ever produced: Yep, that's an Gibson ES-335 with EMG pickups. Some of you might already know of this model's existence, called "Showcase Edition". There's also Les Paul's, Sg's (and maybe more?) of this model. The LP's and SG's are...
  16. Oranjeaap

    Wiring halp

    Helle wiring gurus, I have a quick question. Either my switch is broken or my wiring is faulty The situation: Switch neck: Peck pickup active Switch middle: Both pickups Switch bridge: both pickups active How do I differentiate between broken switch or faulty wiring? It's a guitar with 2...
  17. Oranjeaap

    What model explorer is this? What model is it? What is the colour called? Is there routing for the trem?
  18. Oranjeaap

    Es335 memphis vs nashville

    Anyone know how I tell them apart? Been offered a ES335 for sale, from 2000, from what I could find the year they moved the production to the new Memphis factory. Any help would be apreciated.
  19. Oranjeaap

    Replacement for 490R

    The 490R in the neck position of my Les Paul is just not cutting it. I quite like the 498T, ideally I keep it in the bridge, and replace just the 490R with something brighter or less muddy. My concern is that putting a brighter pickup in the neck is gonna sound too similar to the bridge...
  20. Oranjeaap

    New vendor subforums.

    Just something I was wondering about. And im curious if any of the mods, or Alex, have given this any thought yet..... : I think the new vendor subforums give a vendor way more "front page exposure" than just having a thread in the classiefied section. Vendors won't want to stay behind right...

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