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  1. Tozatron

    I've got to do something really tough today.

    Not much really to say. Times are really tough and between making tuition payments and feeding myself I don't have much in the bank. Need an emergency bit of cash so I'm selling off my old Les Paul. It's not even that great, but I loved that thing so much. It was a gimmicky les paul slash gold...
  2. Tozatron

    Let's talk about strings on acoustic guitars

    Hey fellas So recently I've been experimenting a lot with strings on my acoustic. I play on a PRS SE Angelus. It's kinda got a grand concert meets symphony thing going on, in terms of type/size. I don't know what they call it but I've sent an email asking PRS. I've used the earth woods by...
  3. Tozatron

    Howdy, guys!

    It's been a minute. How's my favorite bunch of misfits been? :slash:
  4. Tozatron

    Ngd ngd ngd!!!

    My first new guitar in years! You guys may remember I was looking for advice on a new acoustic- well, I got one! A PRS SE Angelus Standard. Set me back about 630, included a hardshell case. I was actually REALLY surprised about one thing in particular- they included an extra bone bridge in the...
  5. Tozatron

    Question about Acoustic upgrades

    Heya folks So I've been in the market for a new acoustic, and I've picked one out: the Mitchell MX400 Mitchell MX400 Exotics Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar | GuitarCenter Probably with the quilted ash. Now, I see that it's a 380 dollar guitar, so I don't expect the WORLD, tone-wise. My...
  6. Tozatron

    We lost another legend: RIP Ray Manzarek

    :( Also heya fellas, how are we all doing? Been a while since I logged in :laugh2:
  7. Tozatron

    Bikers VS. PETA

    PETA Crashes Biker Gathering… Not to be missed… | Rightlinks Blog – Because I didn't fight communism in Vietnam so that I could surrender to communism in America… "Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after reports of three...
  8. Tozatron

    Any fans of Elliot Smith here? I'm a huge fan. XO and Figure 8 are my favorites.
  9. Tozatron

    I fell in love this past Saturday.

    PFFFFT, NO NOT WITH A WOMAN. My buddy and I drove out to the Harley dealer 20 minutes outside of town and were just looking around when this bike caught my eye. God knows my dreams are bigger than my pockets right now, but I want to make this beautiful machine mine one day. I got to sit down...
  10. Tozatron

    The Doors playing Bo Diddly...

    Something I can get behind!
  11. Tozatron

    Teaser and poster for new Sons of Anarchy Season

    Sons of Anarchy - Season 5 Teaser - YouTube All aboard the SOA hype train!
  12. Tozatron

    Would you ever play with this tremolo pedal?

    Goatkeeper 3 by Lightfoot Labs - YouTube It's pretty interesting. I'm not really much a pedal guy, though.
  13. Tozatron

    The Stones are calling it quits!

    The Rolling Stones To Call It A Day After 50 Years – At Glastonbury Festival - Music News, Reviews, Interviews and Culture - Music Feeds If any of those shows they wrap up in the states is anywhere near me, I'm going.
  14. Tozatron

    Joe Walsh shows us how to play Whole Lotta Love

    I never really thought of it till I watched this! Gibson Guitar Tutorial: Joe Walsh - Guitar Setup (Part 6 of 6) - YouTube
  15. Tozatron

    Hendrix and Morrison to be brought back as holograms

    Holopocalypse Begins: Hendrix and Morrison to be Brought Back as Holograms :facepalm: I can't help but think ol' Jim's turning in his grave at the thought of this.
  16. Tozatron

    Here's a great party trick for you guys!

    If you tilt your head back, open your mouth, and pretend to be shaking salt in it, your brain will trigger a hormone response that will cause a salty taste on your tongue!
  17. Tozatron

    Some guy made this guitar- thought you guys'd enjoy!

    He calls it the LesG. "This is my first original design guitar that I have built! My son came up with the rough design and I turned it into a guitar! The guitar is constructed of a 3 piece carved curly maple top with a 3 piece Walnut back. The wood was free (to me) from my...
  18. Tozatron

    A few fantastic things happened today.

    Hey everyone! Long time no see. College has kept me busy, but as soon as finals are over in the next few weeks, I should be around more. Anyway, as of today, I am officially on my path to a degree in Criminal Justice, and a minor in Homeland Security. I want to be a Marshal. That's my drive...
  19. Tozatron

    Interesting article on Axl Rose

    An Open Letter To Axl Rose And Guns N' Roses Fans Everywhere - Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV I thought this offered a pretty unique perspective on the guy. Now let's commence with the fat jokes that everyone's already heard!
  20. Tozatron

    Pickup selector giving me grief- any advice?

    The pickup selector on my Les Paul has started goofing. The rhythm selection works perfectly, but if I put it in the middle or on treble, it doesn't do anything at all. I popped it open and looked for loose soldering, but it seems pretty solid. Any take on what this could be?

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