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  1. Scott Dollyhite

    WTB White Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Looking for a white LP Custom with a preferably thinner neck. Let me know what ya got! Thanks!
  2. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD-----Marshall JVM410 Combo ***PRICE DROP***

    Selling my Marshall JVM410 Combo. It has some slight cosmetic wear but nothing major at all. There are a few small knicks in on the grille cloth and a few super small nicks in the tolex but is otherwise in fantastic condition. Everything functions perfectly. Has the original speakers and comes...
  3. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD****Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 V Twenty-five

    Just picked this up a few weeks ago but I've decided it's just not for me. It's in perfect working order but does have some minor cosmetic things. The most notable is the tarnished/rusted screws, washers and handle. The telex is in great shape with only a couple of super small nicks. It comes...
  4. Scott Dollyhite

    Les Paul Custom Neck Specs

    Hey fellas! I'm hoping some of you Custom aficionados can help me out. I'm wondering what the typical neck profile is of a LP Custom. I'm not talking about the BBR7 or '68 RI's. I've owned examples of both so I already have a pretty good idea of their profiles. I'm talking about your typical...
  5. Scott Dollyhite

    Les Paul Custom Neck Specs

    Hey fellas! I'm hoping some of you Custom aficionados can help me out. I'm wondering what the typical neck profile is of a LP Custom. I'm not talking about the BBR7 or '68 RI's. I've owned examples of both so I already have a pretty good idea of their profiles. I'm talking about your...
  6. Scott Dollyhite

    Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Set Brushed Nickel--SOLD---

    I'm selling a pair of Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers that came out of a guitar that I recently purchased. They are killer pickups but I'm just more of a passive PU player. Comes with all components necessary for installation. Feel free to message me if you have questions or would like...
  7. Scott Dollyhite

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO Headphones

    This pair of DT 880's were used long enough to realize that I don't like open back headphones; maybe 30 minutes tops so they are pretty much like new. Super high quality HP's but just not my thing. Asking $150 PP'd and shipped. Message me if you have further questions or would like additional...
  8. Scott Dollyhite

    Wiring Diagram for 2-conductor Humbuckers and 1-vol/1-tone/3 way CTS Blade Switch

    Can any of you guys point me in the right direction to find a wiring diagram for 2-conductor humbuckers and 1-vol/1-tone/3 way CTS blade switch? I found this but I'd like to make sure it'll work for my purposes. Thanks in advance!
  9. Scott Dollyhite

    WTB: Gibson Custom Shop LP r0, g0 or r9 with thinner than typical neck.

    I just sold my Brazilian r9 and I'm Les Paul-less for the first time in YEARS! Hoping to find a used r0, g0 or even an r9 with an unusually thin-medium neck. I'd love to have another Brazilian but I need to put a good chunk of my recent sale towards some bills. A g0 would likely be the best...
  10. Scott Dollyhite

    2018 Gibson Brazilian r9 Les Paul---SOLD

    Back on the block... I'm selling my Brazilian r9 that I picked up from Mark over at MGL a few months ago. I can't speak highly enough about this guitar. It is absolutely gorgeous and the pics can't come close to capturing how awesome the top really is in person. It sounds just as good as it...
  11. Scott Dollyhite

    Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Journeyman Stratocaster Sunburst **PRICE DROP**

    I’m selling my fantastic custom shop PM Strat in hopes of funding another large gear purchase. It’s in great shape with no wear beyond the relic job done by fender. Comes with original case, COA (minus black booklet), and all case candy. Asking $2250 PP'd and shipped. Specs: Body Body shape...
  12. Scott Dollyhite

    ***SOLD***2014 Paul Reed Smith PRS Custom 24 Wood Library

    Just bought this gorgeous PRS from Scott over at G-Brats a few weeks ago. As some of you know, my family is going through some medical issues and medical bills are forcing me to sell off several of my best guitars. Otherwise, this wouldn't be going anywhere! It had Fishman active pickups in...
  13. Scott Dollyhite

    Gibson Custom Shop BRAZILIAN 1959 r9 Les Paul Reissue 2018 VOS Lemon Fade ON HOLD FOR NOW

    I've been able to move around some finances and I should be able to keep the guitar as long as my other guitars sell. Staying with me for now!!! :) This one is gonna hurt.. Life just kicked my family right in the teeth and I'm forced to sell off a couple of my prized guitars. Can't tell you...
  14. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD Gibson Custombucker Custom Bucker Set Aged Nickel

    Bought these to try out in a guitar that I've ended up selling. They were pulled from a 2013 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul r0. Asking $335 PP'd and shipped. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions.
  15. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD Faber Master Kit ABR-1, Tailpiece, Studs, Locknut Tool Aged Gold

    Bought this for a guitar that I've ended up selling. Everything is in the exact same condition as when I bought it. The kit includes the following: Tone-Lock™ Bridge Pair of ABR-1 6-32 lock nuts TP-59 Lightweight Aluminum stop tailpiece Tone-Lock™ studs/spacers 5/16-24 for all Gibson Asking...
  16. Scott Dollyhite

    Late NGD Gibson 1959 Reissue Les Paul Brazilian

    Got this beauty from Mark over at MGL a couple of weeks ago but just now getting around to showing her off. The thing is absolutely amazing and sounds as good as it looks!
  17. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD Gibson 50th Anniversary '68 Les Paul Custom Reissue Limited Edition PRICE DROP

    Up for sell is my 50th Anniversary '68 Les Paul Custom Reissue Limited Edition. I've only owned it for a few weeks and it's a KILLER guitar. It's one of the lightest '68's of this run weighing in between 8.8-8.9 lbs. I'd love to keep it but I went a bit nuts last month and bought this guitar...
  18. Scott Dollyhite

    Question for 50th Anniversary Les Paul Custom BB 1968 Reissue Owners

    Hey Guys! So I'm really loving the tones that I'm getting from my Anniversary '68 RI and I'd love to know more about the pickups. Do any of you know specific details about them? The description provided by Gibson simply refers to them as 68 Custom Buckers. I've emailed Gibson several times...
  19. Scott Dollyhite

    New Member, Long Time LP Fanatic!

    Hey Folks! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Scott Dollyhite and I'm a gear nerd in general but I have a special obsession with Les Pauls. I've owned several over the years from Studio's to Custom Shop's and have loved them all for different reasons. I currently own a 2018 50th...

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