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  1. Soul Tramp

    Beans a la Bayhead

    I have what I believe to be the world's best BBQ bean recipe. Cooked up a batch and have been enjoying them this weekend. When my father retired from the Air Force in the mid 60's the family settled permanently on the Maine Cost. Prior to that we relocated about every two or three years...
  2. Soul Tramp

    Sad Day - Said Goodbye to my Hotrod

    Twenty five years ago I bought a factory stock '62 Ford Falcon Sport Futura to build into a crazy wild hotrod. Today I watched it towed away by its new owner. Had a blast building it. Now life is very different and there's no time (or inclination) to spend playing with cars at the level...
  3. Soul Tramp

    Is this thing an otter?

    Our house is surrounded by water on three sides. The lake across the front and then a brook that feeds the lake wraps the side and back of the property. This guy lives in the brook on the side of the house where the brook connects to the lake. He has a hole in the embankment at the...
  4. Soul Tramp

    A Very Long Day

    This morning at 6:15AM I dropped my wife off at the hospital for her spinal fusion surgery. Due to that which can't be named I was not allowed into the hospital. I had to say good bye at the outside doors. I walked away in tears as she disappeared beyond the security check. For all these...
  5. Soul Tramp

    Need Help With FB Marketplace

    I'm trying to list my 1962 Ford Falcon, but can't. Dropdowns are used to select year, make, & model. The problem is there's no "Falcon" in the model dropdown for Ford, and I can't publish the listing until all boxes are checked. I can't find help for this anywhere on fb. Any else one run...
  6. Soul Tramp

    Mercury Magnetics Goodness

    Just unpacked a shipment of MM transformers I've been waiting on for the past few weeks. Most of my transformers are custom winds so there's a fair amount of lead time. I know many people feel MM iron is just overpriced cork-sniffing, but they really are in a league of their own. @cooljuk I...
  7. Soul Tramp

    It can be frustrating being an idiot

    I'm building a bunch of Tweed 12 amps. The one I finished today failed miserably with a loud hum during testing. This is something that just shouldn't happen as it's an easy circuit and I've built more than I can count. After two hours crawling over it with an o-scope I'm ready to throw it in...
  8. Soul Tramp

    Microsoft Edge

    This morning when I started my computer Edge performed an update. No every webpage pauses for several seconds before loading. I'm suspicious of Trend Micro (virus software), as it feels like the page is being scanned prior to loading. Anyone else noticed a change this morning with Edge?
  9. Soul Tramp

    Prostate Surgery

    Just returned home from it. More of a procedure than a surgery. There are a few different surgical treatments for an enlarged prostate. I chose something called "REZUM". High temperature steam is injected into the prostate to kill the excess tissue. The advantage of Rezum is that there is...
  10. Soul Tramp

    A Snipped of Coastal Maine History

    As I write we are being bombed with snow so it seems an opportune time to reminisce. I grew up an Air Force brat. When my father retired the family moved permanently to Sullivan Maine. Years before in preparation for retirement, my parent bought an old inn (Bayhead Inn) that overlooked...
  11. Soul Tramp

    Maine is the new Florida

    Except when we go off the rails we do it with chainsaws. In all fairness, if my parents had named me Alice Sweet, I'd probably end up in the news as well. Portland man accused of chasing McDonald's employees with chainsaw PORTLAND (WGME) -- The Westbrook Police Department says a man has...
  12. Soul Tramp

    Lexus RX

    Anyone have any experience with the Lexus RX? My wife is considering one. Presently she has a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek and would like something new. She favored Audi and Mercedes, but after looking closely at them we both weren't very impressed with styling and features.
  13. Soul Tramp

    Lost At Sea

    1:00 AM this morning one of our fishing boats issued a distress call. At this point only debris and the one/only lifeboat was recovered empty. Portland, ME is a working waterfront that goes back hundreds of years. Rough weather with 20' seas. My company developed the software that's used by...
  14. Soul Tramp

    Eagle & Crows

    The water level in our lake is lowered during the winter to reduce shoreline damaged caused by ice when the lake freezes. This morning an eagle landed on an exposed sandbar by our beach to eat a fish (good size large mouth bass) he just caught. It's an adolescent (my wife calls him "the baby")...
  15. Soul Tramp

    The Air That I Breathe

    "Eric Clapton once said that the first note of 'The Air That I Breathe' had more soul than anything he'd ever heard." High praise from a man who knows. I don't know what brought this to mind, but thought it worth sharing. One of my favorite songs.
  16. Soul Tramp

    This Just Sucks

    I know the worlds on fire and people are suffering, but I'd like to file my own complaint. The weather sucks! It's cold, endless rain/drizzle, and it seems the sun has relocated to a different part of the galaxy. Just endless cloud cover and no sun! I demand this complaint be taken seriously...
  17. Soul Tramp

    Found an old picture of my Mitts 3000GT

    Over the years I've driven my share of performance cars. Muscle cars, hotrods, and sports cars. I have to admit having no interest in the "Super Cars", it's just not there. I think it was '96 when I decided to get a new car. I was three years into a systems integration company I'd started...
  18. Soul Tramp

    The Time Has Finally Come To Sell My Hotrod

    I should have done it 15 years ago while it was still beautiful, but I always intended to get it back on the road. So 15 years later it's still in pieces since having been torn apart so it could be painted. It was a fender, door, everything off show quality paint job. I hope to get it on ebay...
  19. Soul Tramp


    Tonight a bit after 7:00 PM
  20. Soul Tramp

    Need Opinions on Painting Speaker Basket

    I'm fixing up a 1963 Guild amp prior to selling it. The speaker (Jensen C12R) is going to Weber for a re-cone. The speaker basket has quite a bit of rust. I'd like to paint it prior to the re-cone, but am unsure if I should. Do you think this old amp should have the speaker looking as is...

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