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  1. jeggz

    String Brands....

    I was using Ernie Ball Classic RnR’s, now I’m trying Pearse Pure Nickels for the first time, they seem ok. What are yous, using?
  2. jeggz

    F/S 1st Generation Patent # Pickups

    I figure before I do the Reverb/ EBay thing, I’ll put em here. $2600 for the set, FedEx and PP to the lower 48 states.
  3. jeggz

    Just because....

    Sophie & Phoebe in bed...
  4. jeggz

    Picked up the Mesa PowerHouse Attenuator....

    It’s been years since I had one, it was a THD Hotplate. This one seems better from how I remember the THD, does exactly what I need it to do.
  5. jeggz

    To Bush or not to Bush....

    (Feel free to talk me out of it) The 53/57 is now “correct“ from ball end to string wind, except for the stud bushings, in her now is inch long RetroSpec bushings. But when I got the 50s studs, they came with the original 1 1/4 bushings, I planned on leaving them out, but they keep whispering...
  6. jeggz

    WTB- 8.4K and up 50s or 60s PAF

    Looking for a nice HOT screamer of a PAF for a bridge pickup. Long mag, short mag, as long as it cooks. I figure if someone has a few laying around, they might probably be here.
  7. jeggz

    How much is “just in our heads” ?

    The new conversion came with repro Klusons on, and originals in the case, put the 53 Klusons back on, and it just sounds better. Cant be.
  8. jeggz

    Looking for a few 50s odds n ends...

    Anybody look to sell: Long Tailpiece Studs ThumbWheels Posts They ain’t gotta be pretty...
  9. jeggz

    Straightening bent Klusons

    I’ve a set of 53 Klusons, ones a little bent, two are really bent. Whats a decent method to unbend, preferably without taking the tips off, if possible.
  10. jeggz

    NGD- 53 to 57 Conversion...

  11. jeggz

    Looking for a Conversion...

    Title says it all. Closer to NY area the better, but not essential. Whatcha gots?!
  12. jeggz

    Locking Grovers.

    How do you guys like em? I usually use the Gotoh Magnums, but they don’t come in nickel, so I’m thinking about the Grovers. Is it me, or do they stick out farther from the ears of the headstock than regular Milk Bottles?
  13. jeggz

    Making the 2018 R9 “mine”....

    Went with Wolfetone vintage white butyrate Timberwolf bridge/Marshallhead neck. Swapped the steel wheels to brass. Put on an early 60s wired ABR, it’s chrome, but it’s not glaringly different from the nickel tail. I’m still flirting with the idea of Grovers.
  14. jeggz

    One that got away....

    A few months ago, I was perusing the Internet at 2am in bed, while my wife was asleep. I stumbled on a Pat# purple wire that read 9.1k, I scooped it up in my shopping cart, and then hesitated, decided against it, and went to bed. Next morning, I woke up and said “F-it! I’m buying it!”. It was...
  15. jeggz

    FS/FT Gibson Hot Mod 55 R5

    I’m bored, so.... Never gigged, all original. Its some kinda BoozyBurst Got the case and cert. 4k Will trade for another Historic, straight up for a slimmer necked R8, an R9 or a bigger necked R0. I might even be interested in a Kemper +$$$$. Whatcha got ?
  16. jeggz

    All Hog Customs...

    I’ve a 2002 all mahogany Custom, it is DARK sounding, the darkest sounding Les Paul I’ve ever owned. Now 2002 is long before aluminum tailpieces and steel studs were on Historics, ya think it’s worth putting em on?
  17. jeggz

    2018 ABR Posts are....

    ...non magnetic stainless steel? I’m sorry, I’m so outta the loop on current Historics.
  18. jeggz

    How come nobody makes a “correct” ABR?

    I mean with all the aftermarket stuff, you‘d think it’s something that would be available. The Faber is closer tone wise, but still far off the mark.
  19. jeggz

    Which bridge pickup?

    I got these three pickups laying around, what would you put for heavy rocking tones in an R9 bridge position?
  20. jeggz

    NGD- 2018 R9

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