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  1. JTM45

    This is terrible This is horrible
  2. JTM45

    Dave mustaine goes Gibson?

  3. JTM45

    Why do we get butthurt?

    Why do folks get butthurt on a guitar forum? We’re talking about music no gear and yet folks get swollen monkey butt
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    For all you Knitting Fans and fashionistas

    I thought of Steve right away, he’s going to like these
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    Let’s all go to the mall

    what the hell is wrong with people :oops:
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    This is cool if it’s true
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    Here’s something new

    You don’t see this every day :hmm:
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    It’s only a little snow

    Good god man!
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    This is listed in the Carolinas
  10. JTM45

    Naming Winter Storms

    what the heck is going on in this world, Now we’re naming snow storms? Winter storm John is tracking up the eastern seaboard and it’s going to bring up to a 1/4 inch of sleet and freezing rain to parts of the country while others get snow, watch out as the impending ice age is making a comeback...
  11. JTM45

    NGD for me

    2013 Standard in honeyburst, lots of mineral specs which drew me to it and the neck sits comfortably between a 50s and a 60s Haven’t dug into it yet as it just arrived but Millie approves and that’s good enough for me Meet Barney!
  12. JTM45

    Which musicians death has affected you the most?

    Thinking about all the musicians that have passed in my lifetime and which of them I respected and appreciated, has me pondering on which we’re the most influential to me. Born Scott was the first real rocker that passed in my era, I love that era of AC/DC and am kind of stuck there, Brian’s...
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    Here’s something you don’t read everyday
  14. JTM45

    Dylan is still worth a ton

    Holy cow! Who knew?
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    Favorite winter activity

    I’m sitting here thinking about winter and what I like to do during the season I enjoy golf in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s but this morning it’s cooler And I’m just not a huge fan of the cold, I’ll head out to the club in the early afternoon but other than that I don’t partake in any winter sports...
  16. JTM45

    I Would Do Anything For Love

    But I won’t do that!
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    Are we groupies?

    If this is the backstage and we come here does it make us groupies? asking for a friend, someone will respond soon Steve
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    Made by hand vs machine

    I was thinking about some guitars I've owned and some I’d like to own I’d really like a PRS but everyone I’ve picked up feels the same, they’re very sterile feeling and the neck just feels weird. Not sure how to explain it I recently played a couple old early 80’s Charvels and they felt...
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    The people dilemma NSFW

    Here you go horndogs, have at it
  20. JTM45

    Modern day sword fighting?

    Lol, what is the matter with people?