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  1. PeteNJ75

    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    I’ve never heard that before in my life. I think “very unique/super unique/incredibly unique” is really common and I hear/see it used all the time. Even if it’s not grammatically correct, I think it’s universally accepted vernacular. I think of unique as being different/rare/special, not...
  2. PeteNJ75

    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    A couple more of the same guitar in much better lighting.
  3. PeteNJ75

    Thoughts on this 2016 R8?

    By “2020 Standards” you are referring to the USA line Standards, right? Well no wonder it feels and sounds different. This is a Custom Shop instrument, in a different league than the USA line. Very different pickups and you even got an electronics upgrade with the RSGW wiring kit. A good...
  4. PeteNJ75

    Wood grain (sincere!) opinions pls

    It’s real wood. Wood has imperfections. If it plays and sounds great, this is such a minor aesthetic thing, if I were you I’d forget it. To be honest, I don’t even see what the problem is. Some of the most famous guitars have unique grain characteristics that set them apart. Embrace it.
  5. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    Yeah that particular dealer seems to price things - at least publicly - higher than most other dealers. Still, unless I hear from an official source that Tom is indeed giving these guitars at least some hands-on attention, they are factory-aged despite what they want to call it. Maybe better...
  6. PeteNJ75

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    I’m sure they’re totally fine, I’m not reading the whole thread to see if you’ve done this already, but just check the solder joints to make sure they haven’t been removed and replaced. As long as the solder joints are intact and unmolested just flip the pickup around and play the f—ker. I would...
  7. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    Don't get me wrong, I love Gibson and Tom Murphy does amazing work, but this is actually the first time I'm learning that Murphy Lab guitars aren't actually aged by Murphy himself. For the price, I actually was under the assumption that he was putting more individual attention into these...
  8. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    I was thinking the same thing. They’re nice and flashy I’ll give them that but also very cookie cutter “grill mark” type of straight flames that I find boring. Not enough wiggle and character IMO.
  9. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    Interesting. I humbly retract the statement about the MSRP going up. I guess I just got a couple of killer deals in early 2018. I feel like mid-2018 (especially when a lot more Brazilians were hitting the market), was when the surge in demand started exploding and I perceived the prices getting...
  10. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    I assume you know more than I do about the back end of this, but I specifically remember buying my first brand new R9 in early 2018 (granted from a non-official Gibson dealer) for $4800, which was a great deal, but as soon as the 60th Anniversaries started showing up, you started seeing the...
  11. PeteNJ75

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    I've been really curious about these new Murphy Lab R9s, but I just saw a couple of new ones pop up on Reverb, and they're listed for $10,500. Holy crap. Back in 2019-2020 your run of the mill R9 had an MSRP of $6499, which was already a significant increase from 2018. Have Murphy-aged R9s...
  12. PeteNJ75

    NGD 1960 V1 60th Anniversary Les Paul

    Why would you even post this on someone's NGD thread?
  13. PeteNJ75

    NGD 1960 V1 60th Anniversary Les Paul

    8.5 pounds is "heavy" these days? :facepalm:
  14. PeteNJ75

    Buckle rash aged Les Paul decrease value

    I'm usually pro-buyer in most of these situations, but this seems fishy to me. It depends on how you advertised the guitar. If you listed it as mint, as a buyer I would expect it to be mint, and anything like buckle rash should be disclosed. However if you listed it as excellent or very good...
  15. PeteNJ75

    NGD! - 2020 ES-335 ‘59 VOS Reissue

    Just curious, did you happen to get this from Eddie's?
  16. PeteNJ75

    NGD! Here's why your NGD "steal" .... wasn't.

    The fact that 36 seized guitars has made such big news all over the country tells me that this doesn’t happen very often. Not saying shipments don’t get through, obviously they do, but it does not make it “highly likely” that anyone here is going to get duped by a fake anytime soon. In the grand...
  17. PeteNJ75

    TR Crandall Guitars: WTF?!

    I always ask dealers to send me a quick down-n-dirty iPhone pic of the guitar because 99% of the time you'll get a way more accurate representation of the color. Dealers always bump up the color in their glamor shots, and guitars always look more red in pictures than they do in person, in my...
  18. PeteNJ75

    One of the most beautiful goldtops I´ve seen.

    Now that is even sexier if you ask me. Is that a real 57?
  19. PeteNJ75

    Brazilian documentation??

    I'd like to eventually see a listing of the 2017-2018 (and even a handful of 2019) serial numbers that got Brazilian so we can add it to that older list of 2001-2003s. I had three of them myself from 2018 and owned one of the 2019s at one point, but now only have two of the 2018s, plus my 2003...
  20. PeteNJ75

    Now these are light ...

    That is gorgeous. Love the zebras too.