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  1. mgenet

    The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

    Is it possible? Can it be done? Do dingos steal babies?
  2. mgenet

    John Shanks Guitar Collection. Wow!

    Some of you may be very familiar with Mr. Shanks and his collection. Just viewed this on Gibson TV. (about 35 minutes) What an incredible collection; mostly Gibson and a few other brands. Includes some acoustics but mostly electrics. I am still drooling. I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful...
  3. mgenet

    Just Posted 100001. Do I Get A Watch?

    Hey there fellow MLPers. I just noticed that the 10k post just happened. :D Where has the time gone? Oh yeah, it DST, that's where it went... Is there a special place for me? Do I get a watch? A Badge? A letter of congrats? Special dispensation from the Mods on certain (wink wink)...
  4. mgenet

    Guernsey's Guitar Auction

    Thought you all would be interested in looking at current asking prices for vintage and celebrity guitars. Musicians like, Django, Eric, Stevie, Eddie, et alia, are represented. :cool: Here's the story on REVERB to give you a taste...
  5. mgenet

    Opinions: 'Spider Crack' / New Memphis ES

    Good evening gentlemen, I have purchased, off of e-Bay, a 2014 Gibson Les Paul Memphis ES. The seller says the "Guitar is new, never been owned/played." It is from a music store in Southern California. Here's the rub. As they are stringing it and prepping it for shipment they "noticed a...
  6. mgenet

    Virgin Islands | Gibson 1957 Gold Top w/pics and vid

    Hows this for a deal? Plus the owner invites you down to his place in the US Virgin Islands to try it out and will refund your coach airfare if you buy it. Here is a teaser photo: I got GAS but not enough money for that...
  7. mgenet

    Topics 4 Friday Night Meltdowns

    Okay, Friday advances upon us like politicians on New Hampshire during an election cycle. Anyway; any subjects, within Forum rules, that are just the Ratz Azz for a Friday Night foray into pure MLF pandemonium and unequaled laughter and funniness? Also, any Topics to avoid on a Friday Night...
  8. mgenet

    1967 Baldwin (Burns) 706V Archtop w/Trem

    Thought I'd post my pics of a recent purchase and see if any of you wonderful guys and gals have an opinion, or two, about this guitar. It was after purchasing the guitar that I found that Gibson had purchased the Baldwin company (mostly known for pianos) and are still making Baldwin electric...
  9. mgenet

    Attn Aussies: BuyMusic Studio, Inc.

    Wondering if anyone has ever had any interaction with this on-line store? BuyMusic Studio, Inc out of Stafford QLD, Australia. Good. Bad. Indifferent. Nada. Anything would help. Even smart asp remarks (as long as they are funny, clever, and or, sly and wry) :hmm: Thank you, ladies (all 3...
  10. mgenet

    8 Laws of Guitar Etiquette

    Guys and gals, Ran across this on Reverb: The 8 Laws of Guitar Etiquette: Tips for the Store, Relationships and More | Reverb Here the headings from the article: 1. Stores are for checking out gear, not showcasing your shred. 2. If people didn’t pay to see you, their conversations come...
  11. mgenet

    Films That Scare The HE-double-hockey-sticks Out of You

    Old or new, when you were young or present day. Don't have to keep it in the horror film genre either. For instance, one that frightened me was: The Conversation (1974), with Gene Hackman. For Horror specific it would be, Nosferatu (1922). Discuss...
  12. mgenet

    Food Styling Squirells and Worms

    Communities around the world are increasingly overrun by invasive critters. Gray squirrels, which are native to North America, are an ecological nuisance in England. And — or swamp rats — from South America are destroying wetlands in the Gulf Coast states. Scientists have said...
  13. mgenet

    Kevin Spacey and the Ragtime Gals 'Talk Dirty' on 'Tonight Show'

    Watch and have fun...pretty darn funny. Barbershop quartet meets Jason Durulo... Ragtime Gals: Talk Dirty (w/ Kevin Spacey) - YouTube Here's hoping you caught a smile...
  14. mgenet

    Unusual / Unique Artist Pairings

    Was thinking about all the vids out there, YouTube, etc, and thought what have you all run across that seems unusual or unique and yet it least for you... Have's prime the pump.. The Doors and John Lee Hooker - Roadhouse Blues (Complete) - YouTube Would have...
  15. mgenet

    Practice and Hard Work Raises Your IQ

    Well, another study that shows having just a high IQ does not guarantee positive results. Here is the link if you are interested in actually reading the report or just make personal and damaging remarks so we may all enter into a melee. Let's hope it doesn't spill out onto the interWeb. :D...
  16. mgenet

    The Theory of Evolution Taught in South Park Colorado

    About as good as any I have heard in a long time... South Park Theory of Evolution - Spore Creature Creator - YouTube
  17. mgenet

    British Invasion: Missing 5 Bands

    Lenny Kaye, best known as a guitarist from the Patty Smith group, who also curated the 1972 Nuggets box set of 60's music, came up with the Missing five bands. Here are his top 5 British bands that did not make it to the British Invasion, like The Who, Stones and the Kinks, et alia... Have you...
  18. mgenet

    History and Future of Everything --- Time

    Well, me buckos, take a gander at this little vid. It puts a lot of things into perspective and with a bit of humour, ala "Hitchhiker's Guide..." The History and Future of Everything -- Time - YouTube 42 PS: Sorry I missed The Friday NIght Melt Down. Carry on...
  19. mgenet

    Sake or Oops I Ran Out of Beer Thread

    Sake. The clear liquor not the English author (who, btw, is funnier than hell). I was talking to Mindfrigg on another thread and went to get my last beer. Lo and behold, and this will be startling to many of you, it was gone. Dum, dum, dum. Damn. Now what. Well, Sake is the answer and is...
  20. mgenet

    The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra / Recycled Instruments

    Real or fantasy island? The tone does not seem too bad for garbage dump instruments.