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  1. truckermde

    Charley Pride RIP :(

    I just read that Charley Pride passed away. He was a real Country music legend. Rest in peace, Mr. Pride. Thanks for the music.
  2. truckermde

    Inside the Martin factory

    This article popped up in my emails, and I thought I would share.
  3. truckermde

    Great article about a one-legged cyclist

    So we're all drowning in bad news lately, and I came across this uplifting story about a guy who lost his leg, and then found bicycles. Pretty awesome!! Life's what you make it!
  4. truckermde

    Jazz Great McCoy Tyner has passed

    One of the greatest pianists of jazz has passed away. Truly a giant of jazz, and one of my favorites. Thanks for the music!!
  5. truckermde

    Burny RSA-55 MIJ or MIC?

    Can you guys tell me if a 2005 Burny RSA-55 would be MIJ or MIC? Thanks in advance for any info!
  6. truckermde

    Fewer Chibsons in the future?

    Here's an interesting article about increased efforts to curtail counterfeit imports, and protect American intellectual property. It will be interesting to see if they have any impact on the guitar business...
  7. truckermde

    Randy Rampage (D.O.A., Annihilator) dead at 58 Farewell, my friend. Thanks for the memories!!
  8. truckermde

    Workout clothing...

    ...optional. Or is it? PLAISTOW, N.H. -- A man who stripped naked before working out at a New Hampshire gym told police officers that he thought he was in a "judgment-free zone," before being arrested. NECN...
  9. truckermde

    Emergency Sale!! '96 Hamer USA Studio $1200 PP'd/shipped

    Life just gave me a kick in the nads, and unfortunately, I've put myself in a position where I don't have access to the money I need in the short-term. This is a fantastic guitar, and I hate to see it go, but I am in real need here, fellas... It's a 1996 Hamer USA Studio with OHSC. The only...
  10. truckermde

    Interesting drum cover

    So someone posted this on the Facebook, and it tickled my funnybone. Cover played WITH dildos. Original played BY dildos. Oh yeah. And it's my birthday :)
  11. truckermde

    Quincy guitars from the UK

    I did a forum search, and came up empty-handed. Does anyone out there have any actual experience with Quincy guitars from UK? They have a sweet-looking SG Jr. model which is pretty low budget, and I was wondering what impressions are out there from people who have played one. I kinda want one...
  12. truckermde

    Commercials that could be parodies of MLP

    When I saw these cute ads, I immediately thought of the Backstage here at MLP, and it made me smile. Sounds distinctly like some of the belly-aching that goes on around here :) Are there any other ads you've seen that have reminded you, for one reason or another, of some of our friendly...
  13. truckermde

    Topless Driver Crashes Through PG&E Security...

    Sometimes the news coming from other parts of the country can be both intimidating, and discouraging. Crazy shootings; renegade cops; violent protests; rape, murder, blah, blah, blah... Here, things are usually a bit more benign, as they usually are in small town America. Here's a new gem...
  14. truckermde

    Lola's Story: modern day slavery

    This morning on the news, I caught just a snippet of a story which grabbed my attention. It didn't sound like I heard correctly, so I googled the info I heard, and it brought me to this story in today's Atlantic. This...
  15. truckermde

    Stolen Gibsons in NorCal PSA

    Someone in my county had some Gibbys lifted, and this ad has the info. Keep your eyes peeled in you're anywhere near us... Hello I had 4 Gibsons guitars stolen from my home last Wednesday. . Les Paul Studio Deluxe III EX with gorgeous Ice...
  16. truckermde

    Don't use debit card during robbery

    :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: SAN DIEGO — A man who was tracked down after he swiped his debit card at a Marina-area bank branch before robbing it was sentenced Tuesday to nearly four years in...
  17. truckermde

    Marshall Stanmore help!!

    I've got this nifty little Marshall Stanmore bluetooth speaker for my computer, and I've been really pleased with it. This morning, I thought I'd play some tunes while installing child-safety crap, and it isn't working properly. :( The signal is coming through, but at such a quiet level, as to...
  18. truckermde

    twitter feed on TV

    I don't know about you guys, but I find the now ubiquitous twitter-feed across the bottom of the screen at live-broadcast TV to be pointless and narcissistic. I mean, really. I couldn't care less that John Q Public and Jane Doe like this float, or that touchdown. It's like having a...
  19. truckermde

    recommend me a bridge/tailpiece

    I recently got a real deal on a sweet '08 Standard, and I'd like some aged, or matte-finish hardware for it. I've got some raw nickel p'up covers, and I'd like to put a dull-looking bridge and tailpiece on it to match. I see that TonePros has satin finish as an option, but I'd prefer not to...
  20. truckermde

    PRS SE Kestrel

    I picked up one of these fantastic basses in brand-new condition for half the going rate the other day, and I can't put it down. It took me a couple minutes to get accustomed to the 7.5in radius, but now that's out of the way, it is an AMAZING instrument! It has neck-thru construction, with...