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  1. rockstar232007

    A meteor exploded over our neighborhood!

    Wife and I were standing in our kitchen, seen a huge flash of light, then a split-second later a sonic-boom. Thought there was some sort of explosion, so I went outside to check, and saw a huge streak of smoke in the sky, right above our house. A few people must have called 911, bc not 20...
  2. rockstar232007

    Trogly ripped off my video, Lol!

    Was just parusing YT, and ran across the video I posted about 'How to "see" through an opaque guitar finish'. Just for shits and gigles, I clicked on it. Sure enough, right there in the "Next up" que, HIS video popped up. Mind you, mine was posted 7 years ago. His, 2 years ago. Not mad at the...
  3. rockstar232007

    R.I.P "Deebo". Very sad! He was a really good guy! :(
  4. rockstar232007

    First "Coronavirus", then "Murder Hornets", now "Zombie Cicadas". When will the madness end? Funnily enough, found this lityle guy slamming into our garage door:
  5. rockstar232007

    Happy Spring, from Metro-Detroit!

  6. rockstar232007

    Not exactly sure how I feel about this? Bet they're regretting getting rid of their "checker" at the door? :hmm:
  7. rockstar232007

    Think Spring...oh, wait!

    Springtime in SE-Lower Michigan: Should have about 2" by morning?
  8. rockstar232007

    Finally decided to start setting up my own guitars!

    ...and it only took me 32 years! Figured it was about time. Got the tools, got the workspace, so I figured, "why not?".
  9. rockstar232007

    Gotta Love Michigan Weather!

    Not even the middle of November, and were already getting ready for our first really good snow - 3"-5" by Tuesday! We're (Southeaster, lower/Metro-Detroit) usually in the low 40s-mid 50s around now, but looking at the weather for the next few days, and we're talking single digits!:shock: Hell...
  10. rockstar232007

    My New "Toy"!

    An early b-day present from the wife: As most of you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Peter Frampton, and used to have a Heil Talk Box. I sold the original one a few years ago, and for some odd reason, just recently got the itch, again. :)
  11. rockstar232007

    Noticed this while at the park, with the family ("Flamed Maple" content).

    My wife and I took our boys to the park, yesteday afternoon, and while she was talking to one of the other moms, this caught my eye, from about 10ft away: By the size of the tree, I'd say it's good for about 100 LP tops. Now, I just have to figure (pun intended) out how to get a 100ft, 4ft...
  12. rockstar232007

    Mother Nature is a cruel B***H!

    5 minutes ago, it was like a frickin' monsoon (heavy rain, and 50mph winds), and now, it's sunny, and a little windy. For the few minutes (5, at the most) it lasted, our basement was leaking from all of the rain. Almost had a heart-attack, because of what we went through a couple of years ago...
  13. rockstar232007

    Random Vintge LP Content.

    While parusing the website for Matt Carriker 's (Demolition, Vet, and Off the Ranch on YT) vet clinic, I ran across this pic from his dad's bio: Pretty cool!
  14. rockstar232007

    3.6 Magnitue Earthquake in Amherstburg, Canada! Shook our house pretty good.
  15. rockstar232007

    Mother Nature: 1, Me: 0.

    I give up! Been snowing for the past 2 days, and I've shoveled, at least 3ft of snow! Shoveled 3 times yesterday/last night, and just got done about 5 minutes ago. And, guess what? As soon as I stopped, it starts snowing, AGAIN! Got almost two-feet, yeasterday, and we're (Southeast Michigan)...
  16. rockstar232007

    Just realized how "high" the action is on my LP Classic.

    So, after almost 8 years of owning my Classic, I decided to check the action/string-height, which to me feels really good. I prefer the action either on, or slightly below spec, which is anywhere from 4-5/64ths on rhe low, and 3-4 on the high (that's how all of my guirs have been setup over rhe...
  17. rockstar232007

    R.I.P David Cassidy!:(
  18. rockstar232007

    My Neighbor, The "Butterfly Guy".

    My next-door neighbor has been raising butterflies, for the past few months. Never really understood how cool they were, until I was able to actually able to get really close to them. Black Swallowtail: Monarch: Next year, I'm going to break out the pro camera, and do a more "professional"...
  19. rockstar232007

    I KNEW IT!!!

  20. rockstar232007

    So, you think YOU'RE sick of hearing about the Kardashians?

    Not just the "famous" Kardashians, that are weird and/or f'd up: And, yes, they are related. They're cousins, on their dad's (Robert Kardashian...

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