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  1. DMartini

    Artists you just don’t get...

    i agree with TX Red Rocker on Springsteen, everyone thinks as soon as he has finished his concert he goes straight to the mill or plantation in his flannel and boots fires a chainsaw up and chops trees down then drinks beer with the guys. not likely, in fact i think he showed his true colours...
  2. DMartini

    Gibson announces multi-year partnership with Gene Simmons on custom line of G² guitars and basses

    not a Kiss fan at all but, isnt Gene more synonymous with that weird axe shaped bass? did he play Gibsons?
  3. DMartini

    Ebola 2020

    good point, no aliens want the 'Rona
  4. DMartini

    Ebola 2020

    what about alien invasion? anyone said that yet?
  5. DMartini

    Calling all Pedo's Netflix got you covered.

    Jeff Epstein is quietly enjoying this on his 100" plasma with popcorn and a coke on Epstein Island you mean.
  6. DMartini

    Juicy 2.0, what the actual f?

    fake news be faken, wait what are we talkin' bout? :naughty: im sure CNN will do a full length expose on this, after all they are a pillar of truth for peeps around the world to get their info on the happenings in the US of A.
  7. DMartini

    what Simon Cowell was riding when he broke his back

    not gonna lie, expected someone in the first 4 or 5 posts to say peen arse, just saying.:thumbs:
  8. DMartini

    Weird Noob Opinions

    "what do you mean just having a 59RI, Throbaks & a Marshall stack cannot get you 100% Zep 1, 2 or 3 tones; what is this cant buy 'tone is in the fingers' crap you speak of?"
  9. DMartini

    If you were limited to listening to ONLY 5 guitar players, who would they be?

    DG Danny Gatton Hank Garland Kenny Burrell Jonny Greenwood
  10. DMartini


    nice golf cart, me likey, one question... just how deep and thick is the rough on USA courses? :rofl: those wheels look like that cart is made to venture into Jurassic Park!
  11. DMartini

    Does anyone here actually find General Lee's flag and the flying of it offensive?

    not American so cant comment on being offended or not, but, isnt the flag they are going on about the battle flag of Virginia where Robert E Lee is from? the true Confederate flag is the Bonnie Blue Flag isnt it?
  12. DMartini

    If we’re honest with ourselves about the reason we started playing guitar

    Hulkamania??? this thread could go in any direction, will be interesting for sure.
  13. DMartini

    Here we go...Canada bans guns!

    the same here in NZ after that Mosque ordeal that resulted in the biggest gun grab in our history, people around the world especially USA dont realize how hard it 'WAS' to get a semi auto AR type rifle here, the amount of red tape to get one was immense, you could not just rock up to a gun shop...
  14. DMartini

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    what drugs you smoking? :lol: new wife, thats madness
  15. DMartini

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    like the one Cheeseburger Eddie makes on The Expendables? if so ... hell yeah :dude:
  16. DMartini

    Here we go...Canada bans guns!

    Canada looking to out do USA and get back to #1?
  17. DMartini

    Here we go...Canada bans guns!

    so does that mean the USA is the last country in the west that the people are allowed to defend themselves without having to put all their trust in the government to protect its citizens?
  18. DMartini

    NGD! - 1998 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster

    thats a beautiful guitar, these are discontinued now right?
  19. DMartini

    RIP Sir Stirling Moss.

    RIP Sir Stirling - one great English driver
  20. DMartini

    Concert Database

    i used that site many times back when i collected Pink Floyd bootlegs, was very informative indeed.

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