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    Whats next for LA Rock History?

    Fellow MLP'ers Let me know if anyone has some ideas they would like to see for the next story on LA Rock History. Our last story was a doosey!:naughty: Should the Hunter Burst thread be re-opened? Q&A anyone? SS
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    The thank you roman rist thread

    Here is one of my 1960 Burst Player LPs up close and personal. Roman was kind enough to take this under his wing to perform his majic under my deadline of getting it done like....A close to a year ago.:naughty: Here is the low down on this guitar. The guitar was in dire need of a fret job...
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    " Max Guitar " Stevie D Prototype For Sale

    2006 MAX SINGLECUT SD1 PROTOTYPE GUITAR MAX GUITARS USA PRESENTS THE Stevie D. Protoype (SD1) Singlecut 1st version SERIAL #007 ( used - 2006 demo guitar ) CUSTOM SPECIFICATIONS Only 10 SD PROTOTYPE GUITARS WERE MADE FOR THIS RUN Book Matched Old Growth - Eastern AAAA...
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    The Steve Hunter Burst / Slash Burst / Pre-A.F.D. Era **TRUTH REVEALED**

    LA ROCK HISTORY TIME CAPSULET An MLP Exclusive THE HUNTER BURST Revealed (Thanks to Marc Canter's book "Reckless Road "we now have a detailed photo journal of exactly what guitars Slash was using in 1986 up until the time of the AFD release.) JANUARY 18TH 1986 - SLASH BACKSTAGE...
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    KRIS DERRIG - the website is back up again! ENJOY! SS :slash:
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    Max Baranet - The End Of An Era

    Hey Ya'll Did you catch Max's auction for all his machinery from the 1980's? Check it out: rack=true&ssPageName=VIP:Watchlink:middle:us The actual machinery that MAX built all those masterpieces with. A once in a...
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    Max Baranet - The End Of An Era
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    1986 Namm Show 1958 Black Limba Korina V

    Anybody ever seen a Norlin produced Explorer or V in this flavor before? The information I received from WC @ Gibson was this was most likely a 1 off that was made as Gibson's attempt to get back into the market with the Korina line in the mid 80's. It has a stinger back on it with gold...

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