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  1. LocoTex

    Another "Florida Man" story. And this one Hurts!
  2. LocoTex

    Well, it's snowin' down in Texas.....

    This is really unusual for this part of Texas. I've only seen it snow here once before, and it was nowhere near to this. Unfortunately, it's going to rain later and melt it all away. Hasn't even gone down to freezing.
  3. LocoTex

    '50s wiring for P90 - Help!

    I got a Wolfetone Meaner P90 recently to go in my 2007 reissue Melody Maker. The original pickup sounds great, but I wanted to load up a pickguard with the P90 so I could easily swap them out. I have followed the wiring diagram that came with the pots and wiring and just cannot see where I...
  4. LocoTex

    Patrick Mahomes cards - $7.5 mil. on eBay
  5. LocoTex

    Did Gibson quit making......

    The Les Paul Junior Tribute DC? I haven't seen any new ones anywhere, and the used ones I see are way overpriced IMO. Does anyone know the fate of this very popular model? And, I know, I should have grabbed one when GC blew them out for $549. I'm such a dumbass.
  6. LocoTex

    R.I.P. Billy Joe Shaver

    Great Texas songwriter, and close friend of my wife's family in Waco.
  7. LocoTex

    Real or Fake? Ctaigslist 1957 LP Junior

    I'm not looking to but this or anything, just looking for an educated eye to check this one out. Looks way too clean for one that age, and the price seems really high.
  8. LocoTex

    Dean Leslie West

    Big fan of Leslie here. Has anyone played one of his Dean signatures? If so, what were your impressions.....neck, tone, weight, etc.
  9. LocoTex

    Urolift procedure

    I had the Urolift procedure performed on me yesterday. It's a less invasive procedure for men with problems peeing due to BPH (enlarged prostate). It's basically 3 to 8 implants in the urethra where it passes through the prostate - mine took 6. The procedure itself took probably between 5 and...
  10. LocoTex

    Has anyone here used Pickguardian?

    Wanted to see if I could get some feedback on Pickguardian. I ordered a pickguard for my Melody Maker with a cutout for a P90 from them, and it is going on four weeks since they got the original guard and tracing. I e-mailed asking for an update and haven't gotten a response. Their website...
  11. LocoTex

    Florida man...Illin' and Chillin'...
  12. LocoTex

    First mow of the season

    I was sick for a couple of weeks with some really bad virus going around here (no, not Corona...I don't even like their beer) and it was a foot high in some places. Totally out of control. I just got done and am thanking God I don't have a bigger yard than I do! Some of you people up north may...
  13. LocoTex


  14. LocoTex

    Don't click if you tend to get dizzy....

    Found this Gibson Custom Shop LP while surfing. I think it would tend to make me a bit queasy playing it
  15. LocoTex

    Guy says it's a genuine 1958......

    But I have some SERIOUS doubts. Even emailed him to ask if it's a reissue - he says it's for real. I call BS.
  16. LocoTex

    Drummer's brains really are different
  17. LocoTex

    To my Canadian friends here...

    I rarely agree with your politics, but you are the most polite people on the N. American continent. And your country is truly beautiful - we drove through it when I was a child coming back from living in Alaska. Also, you have produced some of the funniest people to ever draw breath....I'm...
  18. LocoTex

    Does this headstock look repairable?

    Or is it just not worth it:
  19. LocoTex

    Any knowledge of BG p90s here?

    I've been searching the web for a good, but inexpensive, set of P90s and the BG pickups seem to get some love and are easy on the wallet. Does anyone have any first hand experience with these? I'm talking soapbar, not the HB sized ones. Any help on BGs would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. LocoTex

    Delete please - Decided to keep it....

    For sale is my 2014 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker. This guitar is in excellent shape - you can tell it has been well cared for. I acquired it from a fellow member around 2 years ago and he had taken good care of it, and even polished it nicely. Satin finish on the body and neck were buffed to a...

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