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  1. 69 Goldtop

    1974 Standrads

    HCT commented on the number of Factory Standards made from 1973-74. How many are there actually? If you got one post it. I`ve had 3.
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    Very Clean

    Wow, overpriced and multi-top but still nice.
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  4. 69 Goldtop


    The back of this should be "bursted". Beware!
  5. 69 Goldtop

    Cool 1971-72 Nylon saddles
  6. 69 Goldtop

    Seams go away

    I like it when the seams on the top "seem" to go away when matched like this.
  7. 69 Goldtop

    Little ZZ

    playing local bar with band. 1973 LP
  8. 69 Goldtop

    1976 Black Standard

    Anyone ever seen a 76 black factory standard?
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    2003-2005 Hist/CC..the future golden years??

    Anyone else agree on this? From what I`ve played these years/guitars seem to consistently good to great guitars.
  10. 69 Goldtop

    Historic Club.... again. Killer R8

    I just could not keep away. Really nice guitar.
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    This is right

    Good price for a right guitar. Not me!LOL
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    WTF over.
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    Wylie`s 1981 Custom

    I recently found out an old band mate of mine had passed. We played in a band called Cherokee Rose. I was lucky enough to get his 1981 Custom. All original and lovingly played. RIP Wylie. One of the best guys.
  14. 69 Goldtop

    Amusing...1976? Gibson?
  15. 69 Goldtop

    Les Paul

    Found this pic taken at Discovery World 2009. Cool.
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  17. 69 Goldtop

    T-top year?

    Some of you really know your t tops. Question is... experts see any reason these would not fall into the year(s) 1974-76? I see no remnants of a sticker or ink stamp date. Clearly made for a custom. thanks
  18. 69 Goldtop

    73-74 Custom?

    Might be a 74. But I don`t think there will be any(74) with the wiring channel there and Spragues. What do you think?
  19. 69 Goldtop

    Norlin MM??

    Never seen 1.
  20. 69 Goldtop

    82 maple neck no volute

    Heres one , maybe the rarest. A maple neck w/o a volute. Seller thinks mahogany. ??

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