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  1. hbucker

    Insulate a Closed Back Cab?

    What are people's opinions on whether or not to add sound insulation to a closed back 212 cab? My guess is the answer will be, "It depends..." But thought I'd ask. Advantages? Disadvantages? Thx!
  2. hbucker

    5150 iii, 50 watt head in the house!

    A few weeks ago I purchased this amp (the new version with concentric gain/volume knobs) and am thoroughly impressed with it. All of the tones I ever really need are locked inside this head: - Crystal clear cleans that can be gained-up to slightly crunchy. This channel takes pedals as well as...
  3. hbucker

    Semi Hollow Models Comparable to ES-335

    I'd like to get a Semi-Hollow in the not too distant future. ES-335 is an option and a bit of the standard I'm considering. I'm wondering what suggestions people have for other Semis that represent well against the 335? I know there are a plethora of Epiphones, less expensive Yamahas, etc. I'm...
  4. hbucker

    Guild D-40 vs D40-SB

    I just acquired a 1976 D40-SB and am having a hard time finding what the SB means. Anyone know what the difference is between this and the D40 of the same vintage?
  5. hbucker

    P90s - Any real downside?

    I've really been digging a set of P90 (humbucker sized) that I put in one of my guitars. It is the first set I've ever used. I'm a humbucker guy who has really never bonded with Fender style single coils. But the P90s seem to have that fat humbucker tone while maintaining the clarity and bite...
  6. hbucker

    Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 - Opinions?

    I'm looking for a mic preamp for my SM-58, in a band rehearsal situation. Frankly, I just want an inexpensive boost that works into my powered wedge for backup vocals. I'm well aware of all of the Behringer distaste that flows on the interweb forums. But at $40 delivered, I don't care if it...
  7. hbucker

    Power Amp into Traditional Cab

    For those using a power amp to run their modeler into a traditional guitar cab, what power amp are you using?
  8. hbucker

    New Lamp - Killer Tone!

    Thought you'd all like to see the new lamp I got for my music room.
  9. hbucker

    Inexpensive, durable case for AX8 - FWIW

    I got this idea from someone else, but thought I'd pass it along. This Ridgid case from Home Depot - $29 - works very well for storing and carrying an AX8. I added the foam to keep it from moving around inside the case, but in its stock form the AX8 fits remarkably well - only a smidge of...
  10. hbucker

    Small (5"-6") monitors vs good stereo speakers?

    I'm thinking the major difference is the need for aux amplification with stereo speakers, and the extra space required in the work area. What else is the advantage of actual 'studio monitors'? - Assuming the stereo speakers are decent and have a reasonably flat response. Thanks
  11. hbucker

    Wampler Pinnacle Limited Pedal: $160 shipped

    This pedal is in excellent/new condition. The only real sign of use is velcro attached to the bottom, which I can remove prior to shipping, if you like. Let me know if you have questions.
  12. hbucker

    How are you being heard?

    For regular amplification of your modeler, how are you being heard: - Flat response powered cab? - Traditional powered PA monitor? - Power amp on a traditional amp (effects return - out to a regular guitar cab)? - something else? I'm not talking about running into a PA direct to the board in a...
  13. hbucker

    Another AX8 question...

    I look at all the amp models on the AX8, and while I'm impressed, I believe that on a practical level, I would only use a few of them (Maybe a similar number as what is offered on the Amplifire, regardless of whether or not those on the AA are specifically ones I'd use). What percentage of the...
  14. hbucker

    Bridge position, humbucker sized P-90?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a bridge position, humbucker sized P-90 pickup. Desired price range is $80 or less with an emphasis on "less". Anyone have a good suggestion? thanks
  15. hbucker

    Vox Tonelab products

    What are the opinions on this line of modelers? Decent? Not? Just outdated? Etc. Thx
  16. hbucker

    Using Pedals to Record Direct

    What are some good speaker sims (pedals or otherwise) that give good results when recording drive pedals direct?
  17. hbucker

    Results: Installing a big tone block on a Floyd

    I thought I'd post my results from installing a large brass tone block on a couple of Frankenstrats that I've built. One guitar has an EVH Frankenstrat pickup. The other, an EVH Wolfgang pickup. In both cases, the large block removed some of the cutting high end and added a mid-range...
  18. hbucker

    Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal - Opinions?

    I know Behringer tends to be a company that makes cheap products that are copied from other designs. That's probably why I've posted this question... Anyone here have experience with this midi pedal? From what I've read, it's rugged, not a bad product, but tricky to set up. It needs to...
  19. hbucker

    Recommend a Case

    I've got a Strat style guitar with a Gotoh Floyd. The bar is not removable without an allen wrench, which is a pain if I'm going to remove it every time I put it into a case. So, do you have a recommendation for a case that doesn't require the removal of the trem arm in order for the lid to...
  20. hbucker

    EVH Wolfgang Pickup - Differences between models??

    I'm aware of the different models of the current EVH lineup: USA, Special, and Standard. On the EVH website, there are different descriptions of the pickups used on these guitars that is confusing: EVH Wolfgang Pickups, Direct Mount Wolfgang Pickups, Custom EVH Wolfgang Pickups... Are...

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