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  1. Fillmore

    Warren Haynes Chet Atkins LP

    I've seen a few photos of Warren playing an LP with Chet Atkins written on the truss rod cover. I've seen a gear lists for both of them but no mention of this guitar. Anyone know about it?
  2. Fillmore

    Looking for a new Fender Amp

    I'm looking for a new small Fender low wattage amp for home use. Used for Blues and Rock mostly. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Fillmore

    The 2020 Iditarod

    Starts officially today at 600 PM EST. Its something I live for and an amazing racing. The dogs, the mushers and the scenery are outstanding. The magnitude of it is nearly incomprehensible.
  4. Fillmore

    Ditto X2

    I just got one from a friend who's cousin quit playing. It came with a bunch of tab books. My question, is this looper worth keeping? My knowledge is zero on pedals. There is no instruction manual. Thanks.
  5. Fillmore

    Jamming with others?

    As a beginner is it helpful to play or jam with advanced players? I feel if may be helpful for someone experienced to watch what I'm doing, maybe give some advice on where I can improve....or maybe I get their bad habits?? :) I tried a group once but that did not go well. Also the few teachers...
  6. Fillmore

    A Gift

    The original post was moved.
  7. Fillmore

    Stand or Floor?

    I have an amp I keep on a stand. It's on the stand because it's easier for me to experiment with settings. But is the sound any better? Better on the floor? What do you think?
  8. Fillmore

    Would you sell....

    ....A Fender Strat to purchase a Gibson Les Paul? (Sorry if not the correct area.)
  9. Fillmore

    Newbie Question

    Sorry.... new guy question.....what do these mean? NBD NGO NGD Thanks
  10. Fillmore

    Fender Frontman Reverb Amp Speaker

    Good Morning....I have an old (from the nineties ?) fender frontman reverb amp that sounds as if it needs a speaker. I thought this could make an inexpensive practice amp. Any suggestions for a decent cheap replacement speaker would be appreciated. Thanks, Fillmore.
  11. Fillmore

    Clip on Tuner Helpful

    I'm sure some of the more seasoned players know this but to me it's very helpful. Aside from the tuner aspect it's a great way to learn the fretboard. I don't need to keep looking at a chart then back at the fretboard, I can just play a note and it lights up on the tuner. Pretty cool to me.:dude:
  12. Fillmore

    Need A Practice Tip

    Strumming a good even tempo and changing chords is a problem for me. Once I start it's as if my hand forgets how to form the chords and my picking hand can't keep an even strum. Any exercises or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Fillmore

    LP Standard Negative Comments

    First off apologies if this is the wrong area. At seventy I just started playing guitar. I was invited to join a group of guys that jam. I see these guys on a daily basis so they aren't actually strangers. I show up to and they start asking about my guitar. I tell them it's a Gibson Les Paul...
  14. Fillmore

    Hello from Maryland

    Hello to all.... Soon to be seventy year old beginner starting his guitar journey. Good to be here.

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