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  1. LocoTex

    It's been years but I must confess something

    Android is WAY better at sucking data on you than iPhone. Very intrusive on your rights.
  2. LocoTex

    NGD: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Heritage Cherry

    Very nice...congrats!
  3. LocoTex

    NGD: Epiphone ES-339

    Love pelham blue!
  4. LocoTex

    Another "Florida Man" story. And this one Hurts!
  5. LocoTex

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Don't leave out Mossberg. They make very reliable shotguns at an affordable price.
  6. LocoTex

    Kolev Pickups WOW !!!!

    I knew this would happen when I wrote it....;)
  7. LocoTex

    SG jr PIC

    What's the story of this Junior?
  8. LocoTex

    LtDave's "Desert Star" Guitars

    I love that dog fur finished Junior!
  9. LocoTex

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Racist appropriationist!
  10. LocoTex

    Favorite movie scene

    From one of my all time favorite movies:
  11. LocoTex

    What's wrong with pop music today...

    What is wrong with these people?! Leave good music alone. If you can't sing, don't record!
  12. LocoTex

    Kolev Pickups WOW !!!!

    Periods are your friend.
  13. LocoTex

    David & His SG

    It's got a naked babe with a stag looking over her shoulder. Any amateur Freudians care to speculate?
  14. LocoTex

    Triple Play

    We need a smacking my head emoji for post like this.
  15. LocoTex

    Japanese acoustics - new and vintage

    I like that cutaway better than most.
  16. LocoTex

    So what are you listening to?

  17. LocoTex

    Ever flip your car over?

    The car was upside down when I got here
  18. LocoTex

    Found this at a garage sale.

    Sex chair.
  19. LocoTex

    NAD! Retrurn to Marshall

    Killer deal!

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