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  1. ggdjr

    $30,000 burst - is this legit? The Grainger/Corby burst ...*** $30,000…Now for the real deal...Once in a lifetime opportunity...Forget about the many 59 LP's that dealers parade at shows that unknowns owned and played. This is a verified Real Rock star owned Les...
  2. ggdjr

    Plain vs Flame. Less is More ?

    I love all the beautiful flame tops and quilt top people own. For me the plain tops where you can see the wood grain really stand out. Anyone have any beautiful wood grain plain tops they can share? Here's my 2017 Traditional
  3. ggdjr

    WTB(Found one): Gibson LP Traditional

    Looking for non weight relieved preferably, but not mandatory. Not interested in robot tuners. Please let me know the condition and price. Thanks in advance.

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