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  1. Sparky84

    Recommendation for basic bedroom play-along setup?

    Cool, thanks for the ideas. Rather than playing my guitar and the backing music through the same amp, I thought I’d go with the old-style hi-FI setup from when I learned to play in the 70s and 80s - just instead of a CD player, I’d have some digital box that holds all my CDs in high-quality...
  2. Sparky84

    Recommendation for basic bedroom play-along setup?

    Thanks, but I wasn’t very clear - I just bought the Blues Junior and like it, and hope to gig with it someday. I can use it in the bedroom at low levels, or I can use the VOX. What I’m struggling with is which bookshelf audio amp/speakers to buy, and how best to play my albums which are now...
  3. Sparky84

    Recommendation for basic bedroom play-along setup?

    Hi Gear Dudes, I need some advice on what used to be called “hi-fi gear” for a spare bedroom that i want to use as a music room. Amp-wise, I’ve got a Blues Junior that I like but is WAY too loud for home use, but still sounds good at 2 on the volume dial. I’ve also got an old 5-watt VOX amp...
  4. Sparky84

    Most horrific les paul story!

    It’s 1980 and I’m a freshman in college and had been playing acoustic for just a few years at that point. Used to occasionally rent electrics to jam with a buddy in high school, but never owned one (and really didn’t know much about the various models at that point, other than I could tell a...
  5. Sparky84

    1990 Gibson Firebird Custom Shop Inverness Green

    Very unique - kind of like that Sherwood Green Johnny Marr Jaguar I stared at for 6 months in the window of Regent Sounds in Denmark Street in London. Until it finally sold - one of only 50 or so of that special run that made it to the UK. Very hard to find secondhand; really pissed I didn’t...
  6. Sparky84

    I hate my Katana. Recommend me something else.

    I’ve got the same challenge replacing my little 5-watt bedroom Vox modeler with something that will give me better/richer sounds at low volume and is also giggable. I’ve narrowed it to a Tweed Blues Jr, which has great clean and dirty sounds at low volume, and the highly attenuate-able Fender...
  7. Sparky84

    What’s the deal with guitar collecting addiction?

    I came late to the whole collecting thing, and not really sure why. From my late 20s to mid-40s, I got by with one decent Martin acoustic, my original 1990 Strat, and toward the end added a Tele. Part of this was economics, I was spending my money on other things. Part was moving around a...
  8. Sparky84

    NGD - 2020 Standard '60s Iced Tea

    Good call to have that fretboard divot repaired - that iced tea top is fantastic, I wouldn't take the chance of sending it back and getting a new one that didn't have the same great-looking top.
  9. Sparky84

    Vintage Two Prong Amps & "Death Caps"

    Not sure if anyone wants to bother to edify an electronics idiot, but I always wondered how an unplugged amp could deliver a possibly fatal shock. Isn’t a capacitor that tiny little cylinder with wires coming out of it? Is that what’s storing all that voltage even when the amp is off and...
  10. Sparky84

    I Found the Needle I was looking for

    Congrats, that‘s a great-sounding guitar with incredible feel, and it’s such a bargain. Love the neck and the P-90s. Gibson got this right on build quality and price point; I’ve got the blue stain version.
  11. Sparky84

    NAD Deluxe Reverb Tone Master

    Been researching what to buy for occasional gigging and home use when i get back to the US this summer, and this one looks to be the clear favorite. I’m not good enough to take advantage of the small difference between this and real tube tone (assuming I could even distinguish it), and the...
  12. Sparky84

    1969 Tele Thinline build

    Hi Peter. I’ve got a big old ash tree that has got to come down later this year - I think it’s called “Merced Ash“ or “Modesto Ash”? Anyway, it’s northern Californian and I’m guessing is at least 50 years old. I always thought it would be cool to have a Tele made from it, preferably thinline...
  13. Sparky84

    10-year Forecast

    I'm at the very tail end of Boomerland, demographically speaking, and getting awfully tired of lazy, brain-dead Millennials blaming Boomers for all of their problems. If they bothered to read any history, they would know that booms, busts and bubbles of economic cycles and wealth...
  14. Sparky84

    Pickup angle question?

    Hi guys - my Les Paul Custom Lite sounds fine to me at my usual low-volume playing, but I recently noticed that the neck pickup is slanted at an angle which is not level with the body. The screw end of it is recessed quite a bit deeper than the other end. I've not messed with the pickups or...
  15. Sparky84

    Question about Grover tuners

    Personally, I think the gold keystone tuners look better on a white Custom, I wouldn't mess with those. Here's what the black speed dials look like on my Custom Lite. I think they look better than gold ones on a white Custom, and they are "speedy"! Very easy to adjust the volume knob with...
  16. Sparky84

    Gibson Std 60s 2019 replace tuner

    Yes, the only thing I didn’t love about my 2013 Heritage Cherry Standard was the chrome ”bean” buttons on the Grover locking tuners. But I did like the fact they were locking, so didn’t want to “downgrade” to more period-correct Klusons with the pearloids that weren’t locking. So I found...
  17. Sparky84

    best guitar stand for a Gibson Les Paul Custom?

    I’ve been very happy with the FretRest FS100E - Lightweight, good stability, no issues with affecting the finish on any of my guitars, and very portable. Unfortunately not sure if they are still available - tried to buy a second one last year but couldn’t find them anywhere. The manufacturer...
  18. Sparky84

    NGD 2019 60th Southern Fade R9

    That is an absolutely stunning guitar! Congrats!
  19. Sparky84

    Junior Tribute case

    When I bought my blue DC Special Tribute at Guitar Center in LA a few months ago, I managed to upgrade from the “taco” to this ugly-ass thing, but at least it holds the guitar fairly snugly. But I much prefer a hard case, so I’ll have to look into that Gator when I get back to the US.
  20. Sparky84

    NGD Deep blue Traditional

    Ooh - I've been looking for that in a thinline model, either in Lake Placid or maybe Ocean Turquoise. Very cool, as is the Chicago Blue LP. Another GAS attack I don't need right now!

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