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  1. LPMarshall Hack

    Don't Kill a Groove: Why Modern Pop Music Sucks Part II

    Same thing Rick Beato does in some of his videos
  2. LPMarshall Hack

    Hail, fountain pens!

    Nothing beats the ink and feather
  3. LPMarshall Hack

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Public executions
  4. LPMarshall Hack

    Jcm 900 mkiii ~~2500

    Mine is stamped on the front panel
  5. LPMarshall Hack

    Jcm 900 mkiii ~~2500

    I have one from 1990. Bought it in 02. Love it!
  6. LPMarshall Hack

    A Friday thread

    Rhode Island? Do you know DJ Pauly D???
  7. LPMarshall Hack

    Tiny House

    No pick guard
  8. LPMarshall Hack

    Damn Aussies

    You make it sound like money is more important than people...
  9. LPMarshall Hack

    Damn Aussies

    War...what is it good for?
  10. LPMarshall Hack

    Training video regarding "unconscience bias"...

    And that proves you support the owning of black people.
  11. LPMarshall Hack

    Diversity training

    Notice which capital letter is next to the authors' name in the bill. All you need to know.
  12. LPMarshall Hack

    Diversity training

    Rosie Palm and her five sisters? I have them daily.
  13. LPMarshall Hack

    You keep that fire burning, Harold.

    Who names their kid “Harold”???
  14. LPMarshall Hack

    Diversity training

    Except if you’re picking on whites
  15. LPMarshall Hack

    Diversity training

    I dont think he was actually calling certain voters "nazis".
  16. LPMarshall Hack

    This is sad....

    Yea the shelves looked like the toilet paper aisle after the initial covid outbreak.
  17. LPMarshall Hack

    Bruce Springsteen arrested for DWI in New Jersey

    Well keep it zipped up!
  18. LPMarshall Hack

    Diversity training

    Sadly, thats what they (the race baiters) want. They want you dead (assuming you are white). The real racists want the world rid of whites.
  19. LPMarshall Hack

    Diversity training

    What a fucking joke

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