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  1. Nickhalen

    79 gold top Crazy Train solo

    I quadruple tracked the Crazy Train solo with my 79 Goldtop on a backing track with the original solo deleted. I love these stock pickups!!! I got the backing track from OrangeGoblin.
  2. Nickhalen

    My 79 Goldtop

    Warming up on my old beat up Standard. Anyone else have an old beat up Les Paul that is their favorite?
  3. Nickhalen

    Belated NGD

    I recently got an Ibanez Les Paul copy. It has a JB in the bridge. It has a little bit of a Rhoads vibe.
  4. Nickhalen

    Is this trade worth it?

    Thinking of trading a Mesa mark v head 90 watts for this 2013 transitional pro. I don’t know much about that series. Is it worth it?
  5. Nickhalen

    1979 Goldtop bridge pickup?

    I bought a 79 goldtop standard that came with the original bridge pickup in the case. It has a burstbucker alnico v now. I love the burstbucker, but I am very curious about what the stock pickup would sound like. We do alot of hard rock such as Judas Priest, Scorpions, Sabbath and some less...
  6. Nickhalen

    Is this a good deal? 81 LP Custom

    I've had my eyes on this for a few days now. It has been refretted with larger wire and denubbed. Just wondering if its worth what he's a

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