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  1. adamsvok

    Grounding issues

    Hey My epi has a grounding issue. The guitar humms and the humming stops when I touch any metal part on my git. I checked the solder joints and they seem ok. I'll check with a multimeter tomorrow. My question is: Can't I just solder a common wire to all the pots and to a metal part (bridge post?)
  2. adamsvok

    Vox ac15c1

    Here it is! It's everything it's said to be...
  3. adamsvok

    Vox AC 15?

    After a year of being "bandless" I finally put a band together which seems to be working just fine. So I need a new amp and I finally saved up enough dough to buy something nice. Here's a common question. How loud is the AC15 really? I'd like an amp which I can use for gigs in bars, clubs etc...
  4. adamsvok

    NGD 2002 MiK Dot Deluxe

    Well here she is... Ps Epiwiki says that it has 57 humbuckers. Are they Gibson's 57s?
  5. adamsvok

    Dot question

    Hey guys! I've got my eye on a dot and I have a question. How can you change pots and other electronics in these? I was looking at pics but don't see any backplates or anything... I'm hesitating between the natural and vintage sunburst finishes. If you've got one feel free to post some pics...
  6. adamsvok

    NPD Ditto Looper

    Since my band split up last year (after almost 10 years of playing) I missed playing with company. Sometimes I got to jam with some friends but nobody likes my kinda music around here... Sooo i bought myself a little treat! Saw this on sale for around 100 bucks and ordered it. It's a great...
  7. adamsvok

    Laney Cub 12R 15W question

    Anyone has this amp? I'd like to know how loud it is I've got a Vox AC4 and it's almost loud enough to go along with a drummer (blues, classic rock wise). However I need a full tube amp -which I can afford- I could use for concerts (in bars/pubs). I guess 15 watts of tube is enough but just want...
  8. adamsvok

    Oiling up my naked beauties

    Took some pics and thought I'd share... Is there much difference between rosewood fingerboards on epis and gibsons? (I'm guessing there is) The epi seems harder and didn't really take in the oil... The gibson was really 'thirsty' thou and feels much more softer...
  9. adamsvok

    Traditional or 335?

    Well here it goes... I was scooping over the page of the biggest music store in Hungary (again)... My dream guitar has been a Traditional since it came out it has the best features to me: 50s neck, simple electronics (no coil taps whatsoever) and basicly it's just a plain LP. And I realized that...
  10. adamsvok

    NAD VOX AC4 (also a question)

    Hey guys! I just bought my first all-tube amp! This thing is just amazing! However I looked at some inner pictures on the Vox forum and found that the tubes are placed directly onto the board so my question is if they get hot doesn't the heat do any demage to the board? I was thinking about...
  11. adamsvok

    Is this a real SG?

    Never seen one like this before. The price also makes me wonder... Says it's a '98 full stock for about 850$ Gibson SG Deluxe Ice Blue Elektromos gitár - GitárShop.HU - a független hangszerportál | eladó használt hangszer és új hangszerek, gitárok. Árak, árlisták, hangszerboltok, próbahelyek...
  12. adamsvok

    Uneven Les Paul Standard?

    Hey I was just looking at my Epi LP Std and noticed that one side of the guitar is longer than the other so I measured and the left side of my guitar IS longer than the right side (lower base bout - i guess its called). I measured from the middle of the stopbar and to the left it's about 10mms...
  13. adamsvok

    Gibson vs Epiphone (cases!!)

    Hey I was looking to get a hard shell case for my Epi LP. For my Gibson I use an epi hard shell case going for a little less than a 100 bucks here (which i'd got with my 1960 tribute). I saw that the Gibson HSC goes for almost double the money. Is it worth it?? My guess would be no, but i can...
  14. adamsvok

    70s studio tribute questions

    I'm pleased with the Studio tribute series (mostly with the price :) ) I've been eyeing this guitar (goldtop, darkback) and i've got some questions. How does the neck feel? I like the 50s style and it says 'Unique '70s, Thin-To-Thick' how thin is it on the treble side? How's the neck on the...
  15. adamsvok

    Laney Cub 10w

    Hey I'm thinking about buyin this amp and just wanna know if there are any cons that I should know about. I was gonna get the Bugera V22 but I heard that's not as reliable as supposed to be and all that... Or anyone could recommend a good all tube combo (max 30W and 400 bucks NEW) for blues...
  16. adamsvok

    Help for rookie: amp-cabinet match-up (Bugera V55)

    Well I'm not on top when it comes to amp-cabinet match-ups. I've always used certain amps with their matched cabinets. Now I use a solid state Fender 100H with its 4 speaker cab. However i have the chance to get a Bugera vintage 55W head but i cannot find a cabinet for it (live in Hungary)...
  17. adamsvok

    Pick up disassembly question

    Hey, I'm about to sell my 60' tribute epi std to my buddy and he asked me if there was a way to take off the pick up covers. I said he was stupid for wanting to ruin the 57s, but i'll ask you: Can you/how can you take off the top covers? Would the pickup become hotter (open coil) sounding?
  18. adamsvok

    PAF sticker on BB pros?

    Hey! I was takin all the strings off in order to oil the fretboard and decided to look under the pups and I was surprised to see a PAF sticker. I read somewhere that the burstbuckers (pro,1,2,3) and the 57s were PAF copy pickups but do they all have the black sticker? just curious... Thanks!
  19. adamsvok

    '06 Standard aging nicely... Show yours!

    Just wanna show how my 6 year old Epi looks like. How long did it take your guitar to show signs of aging?? Show 'em!! The binding on the whole guitar has turned yellow-brownish and at the end of the fretboard it's brown (can't be seen cause of the sunlight). Notice the yellow nut and compare...
  20. adamsvok

    Best volume pedal for it's price?

    Here's the deal: I use a solid state amp with only one pedal a BD-2 blues driver. It gives me the kinda "tubey" sound I desire. Now the only thing is when It comes to the solo I'd like to turn it up a notch then back again. Dunlop's vol pedal seems a bit pricey tho. Are there any good cheaper...

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