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  1. Flyfish-mt

    MXR Script Phase 90 ‘74 RI

    MXR Script Phase 90 ‘74 reissue custom shop......Great sounding phaser. A small notch was filed on the bottom plate for the battery terminal exit. $70 shipped to the lower 48.
  2. Flyfish-mt

    Brand new Tonepros AVR-II *Non-locking*

    Brand new Tonepros AVR-II nickel non-locking pre-notched bridge with Nashville conversion studs. I assume this is a special order item as I haven’t seen one of these without the locking set screws. $65 shipped to the lower 48 only.
  3. Flyfish-mt

    '19 Gibson 490 pickup set

    ‘19 matching set of Gibson 490 pickups w/ disconnect plugs. These were new pulls from my 2019 SG. $125.00 + shipping.
  4. Flyfish-mt

    (4) 12” George L’s Vintage Red cables

    (4) 12” George L’s Vintage red cables with right angle nickel plugs and black strain relief jackets. These are like new and have only been used a couple times. $45 delivered to the lower 48 only....PayPal (F&F).
  5. Flyfish-mt

    Black Friday deals

    Post Black Friday deals you would like to share. Could be anything guitar, strings, amps, etc.
  6. Flyfish-mt

    Gibson blowout pricing?

    Back in 2013 I started a thread asking people to post their new Gibson's purchased during the blowout in mid-November. Anyway, I've been away from the this site for some time and was wondering if they still have those amazing deals every November? I bought a '13 LP Standard GT for $1199 and a...
  7. Flyfish-mt

    2019 Les Paul Classic

    2019 LP Classic in new condition. It comes with all the case candy including the Sweetwater and Gibson inspection card, Polaroid from the Gibson factory, Gibson leather strap, tool, cloth and blank warranty card.....Everything you’d get if bought new from Sweetwater (minus the candy). The...
  8. Flyfish-mt

    FS: Old Proco Rat square box LM308

    Proco Rat square box w/ LM308 chip in excellent condition. $150 delivered to the lower 48.
  9. Flyfish-mt

    FS: Vintage Ibanez AD-9 Analog Delay

  10. Flyfish-mt

    Misc. vintage effects for sale

    1) Granville Guitars Procrastinator Delay pedal. Handbuilt, Echoplex emulator. Retails for $199, selling for $150 delivered Fulltone Bass-Drive (non mosfet) great for guitar pushing a Marshall. $175 delivered Vintage Proco Rat 2 w/ LM308 chip in excellent condition. Great classic...
  11. Flyfish-mt

    FS: Boss CE-2 Chorus

  12. Flyfish-mt

    FS: Boss DM-3 Analog Delay

    80’s Boss DM-3 Analog Delay pedal in excellent condition.....$140 + shipping Payment via PayPal as gift. Email me for additional pictures at [email protected]
  13. Flyfish-mt

    FS: Timmy V1 Boost/Overdrive

    Timmy version 1 in original box w/ manual in excellent++ condition. $130 + shipping to the lower 48 only. Payment via PP as gift.
  14. Flyfish-mt

    Les Paul parts

    Here's a mixture of parts that I've had sitting around that I have no use for. $35 + shipping
  15. Flyfish-mt

    Old Gibson ground plate w/ pots

    Here's an old Gibson ground plate from a late 70's LP Custom. I'm not sure of the condition and age of the pots. $35 + shipping
  16. Flyfish-mt

    Ibanez WH10 Wah Pedal

    Ibanez WH10 Wah Pedal in excellent condition. There has been a blue LED added to the unit. $75 + shipping
  17. Flyfish-mt

    90' Proco Rat 2

    1990 Proco Rat 2 in excellent condition. $130 + shipping
  18. Flyfish-mt

    Ibanez WH10V2 3pdt wiring?

    Sorry if this has been covered before but has anybody wired a 3pdt switch in a WH10V2? If so, could you be so kind on sharing the on how this is done? I'm planning on buying a low profile 3pdt from Small Bear Electronics.
  19. Flyfish-mt

    Marshall Drivemaster

    Marshall Drivemaster Overdrive pedal made in England. $125 delivered to the lower 48 (PayPal as gift).
  20. Flyfish-mt

    1981 Ibanez AD-9 Analog Delay

    Vintage Ibanez AD-9 Analog Delay with a few paint chips but functions perfectly and sounds great. $125 delivered to the lower 48 (PayPal as gift).

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