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  1. LPMarshall Hack

    RIP Derek Ho To us slacker surfers, Derek was a Pipe legend. Too young to go...
  2. LPMarshall Hack

    YouTube TV...anyone have it???

    My Direct TV promo has ended so now the 2,000% price increase has set in. I wanna try one of the streaming options and YouTube TV seems like it's be the one for me. It's cheap and looks like you can watch pretty much any of the sports channels...which is all I care about anyway. Anyone have...
  3. LPMarshall Hack

    Grammys tonight!!!!

    who’s ready for the guilt fest?!??
  4. LPMarshall Hack

    Fezz Gear is here!!

    Got my Fezz gear in the mail yesterday! Wife hands it to me and says “the hells this?” I grab it from her and head straight to my cars CD player for privacy. Love the record Fezz! I can’t get Dumb 2 Tha’ Blood outta my head! I’m not a guitar sticker guy, but this ones going on one of...
  5. LPMarshall Hack

    Ladies and gentlemen....the Cry Closet
  6. LPMarshall Hack


  7. LPMarshall Hack

    Explosion at pop concert in UK... Damn...doesn't sound good so far. I know a lot of young kids go to these types of shows.
  8. LPMarshall Hack

    F$&@ You SJWs!!!!

    Seems my beloved Aztecs are in danger of losing their mascot to the loony snowflakes:
  9. LPMarshall Hack

    RIP San Diego Chargers Sorry M&M....While I'm not a fan, this still sucks. Looks like it's gonna happen. **** you Spanos!!!
  10. LPMarshall Hack

    Armed black man kills LA County deputy I expect the BLM types to apologize and offer condolences.
  11. LPMarshall Hack

    Racist cake! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  12. LPMarshall Hack

    RIP Buddy Ryan...

    Former NFL coach, defensive guru Buddy Ryan dies at age 82
  13. LPMarshall Hack

    Schafer Telcaster?

    Schafer Telcaster Honey Blond Finish Vintage '80s w / Hard Shell Case! Anybody know anything about these guitars?
  14. LPMarshall Hack

    well it's why not some Johnny!??! :dude:
  15. LPMarshall Hack

    Interested in this MIM Tele...

    Posted this in the sister forum as well: fender telecaster Any issues that you experts can see? According to the seller, it was professionally painted (and relic'd) and has humbuckers. I love it, but just wanna run it by you folks in the know...It's a MIM Tele. So any good? Worth the...
  16. LPMarshall Hack

    Epiphone p90's...

    Gibson Epiphone dogear p90 pick ups Anyone have any opinions on these? I'm looking to put them in my Epi jr. To have a cheap p90 backup guitar. I have a humbuckers in it now. Will these fit? Or do I need to do some carving/filling? Cheers!
  17. LPMarshall Hack

    Info about these upgrades plz

    *Upgraded* Epi Les Paul Jr. Here is a Epi lpj on my local CL. The guitar is upgraded with a new bridge, nut, and PU. Does anyone have any experience with these particular brands (the new parts)? I've never heard of them but I'm not in the know about a lot of replacement parts. Do they...
  18. LPMarshall Hack

    FS: VM 2266 in San Diego area Craigslist

    Greetings all! Here is the link: marshall amp PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  19. LPMarshall Hack

    Material on the back of Epi's and cheaper guitars

    I was checking out a few guitars at GC yesterday. On the back of an Epi Trad Pro and the Gibson LP Jr was some kind of "material" that looked as if it was sprayed on. It didn't look or feel like real wood...almost plasticy. Anyone know what that is?
  20. LPMarshall Hack

    Custom neck profile

    Does anybody know what kind of neck profile my 1989 Custom would have? Thanks in advance!

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