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  1. jbylake

    Broken Head Stocks

    Knock on wood, but I've never broken a head stock on an LP. I've not met anyone that has. However, I do know that it happens and probably more than most people want to hear. I have a question, though. Where do they typically break, and what is the the normal culprit? Abuse? Bad grain in...
  2. jbylake

    Help with home "studio" gear.

    I have a TASCAM 32 track portastudio and am really new at recording. I'm not pretending to be a pro, I just want to record some of my own stuff for my kids, have fun, leave the bloopers in sometimes, or check on progression when trying to learn or develop a new song. I won a tube MIC pre-amp...
  3. jbylake

    LP Traditional Models

    I've googled this every way I can think of to phrase a question, but I can't find anything. Does anyone know how often Gibson comes out with a new Traditional Pro model? Thanks ahead, J.
  4. jbylake

    String Joy?

    Anyone here use String Joy strings? I thought they were all hype, but I tried a set.. I stung up my 98 Strat, and the moment I hit a chord or two, I was absolutely slapped in the face by the tone, without the guitar being plugged in. Plugged in they are just wicked good. They are loud and...
  5. jbylake

    Help me remember who this was.

    Seems like a lot of years ago (can't remember the actual circumstances) but it seems there were some kind of rift at Gibson, and a group left there and began building their own "Les Pauls" If I remember they were also very expensive, too. Does anyone remember who that company was and what the...
  6. jbylake


    Les Paul Tradition Pro V Sorry for the screwed up pic's, did with cell phone and wasn't sure how to upload them. I joined the forum yesterday and alluded to the fact that I was getting a new guitar today. The back looks like it has a bad blemish in the finish, but that's just something weird...
  7. jbylake

    Any one tried one of these?

    Any one tried one of these? I bought it , without playing because GC gave me 180 days to return it if I didn't like it. I will be an adult about it, in other words I/m not going to play it for half a year and then return it for my money back. However , and I hope it comes true, this thing...
  8. jbylake

    New Guy from N.KY/Cincy area.

    Hi, just trying to be polite and thank the powers that be, for allowing me to join the Forum. I've owned a few LP's over the years but now only have one in possession, a Studio, with Pearly Gates P/U's and one that's supposed to be delivered tomorrow, a Les Paul Traditional Pro V...

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