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  1. scozz

    1959 Blackburst

    I don’t know how many of you guys have seen this video, but I thought it’s an interesting story,....
  2. scozz

    The Most Advanced Guitar that Nobody Knows About

    Any of you guys seen this guitar? Is this the future of the electric guitar?
  3. scozz

    Jcm800 Studio Classic

    This amp continues to amaze me! For at home playing, studio and recording, works perfectly! Especially connected to a Weber MiniMass 50. I get great cleans at medium volumes, the cleans on the bridge pickup are cutting, and very pleasant sounding, no harshness or ice picky tones. With the...
  4. scozz

    1982 Custom refret

    If you’re a veteran member here you might know my 1982 Custom,....bought new in 82. Well I’ve been threatening to get a refret on it for a couple of years now. It came stock with those low, wide frets of the late 70s and early 80s. Well in the past I’ve always loved those frets. I like my...
  5. scozz


    If you’re a veteran member here you might know my 1982 Custom,....bought new in 82. Well I’ve been threatening to get a refret on it for a couple of years now. It came stock with those low, wide frets of the late 70s and early 80s. In the past I’ve always loved those frets. I like my action...
  6. scozz

    What’s the Difference?

    I’m starting to look around for a used LP Traditional. But I’m not up to par on the differences between a Traditional, Traditional T, Traditional Pro, or any other Traditional model that might exist. I probably should start with what I want in this LP. No push/pull pots, (for sure), weight...
  7. scozz

    Tubular Mods Juice Box

    Anyone have any experience with this product? It’s a very simple attenuator, one knob, one input, one output, that’s it. It performs one function, it attenuates your amps cranked tone with little, or no loss of tone. You simply connect your amps speaker out, (using a speaker cable), to the...
  8. scozz

    Not Liking This New Forum Design

    Anyone else not liking the new design of MLP Forum? I’ve tried to like it,....but it’s just not happening. I find myself spending more time on other gear forums, (Marshall mostly), than this one, and I don’t want to!! I know the mods will remove this,...that’s ok,...I just wanted to say...
  9. scozz

    Celestion G10 Greenback

    Wondering if any of you guys use the G10 Greenback in a 1-10 combo? I’ve got a older 20 watt Marshall 1-10 combo that I would like to change out the speaker. I’ve had this amp for almost 30 years and I did change out the stock speaker to a G10 Vintage quite a number of years ago. I’m curious...
  10. scozz

    Who’s Loving Their Marshall Origin 20 Head?

    I’m thinking about a Origin 20 head and I am wondering who’s loving theirs? The sounds I’m hearing on YouTube sound great and at semi-low volumes. I’m looking for that classic 60s Marshall Crunch,....not the overdriven saturated tones that come from the DSLs red channel.
  11. scozz

    Looking for a Distortion Pedal

    Ok so I’m thinking about getting a distortion pedal, I haven’t had one for probably 30 years! The last distortion pedal I had was, (if I remember correctly), a Big Muff. I bought one the other day and after two minutes with it I’m sending it back,....very harsh sounding, just awful. It’s a TC...
  12. scozz

    Marshall JCM800 Classic Studio 20 Watt Amp

    Well I received my Marshall Studio Classic 20 watt amp head this afternoon. It’s quite an amp! I didn’t have a lot of time with it today, but the time I did have with it was very encouraging. This amp sounds great!! This is the tone I’ve been chasing for a couple of years, with a couple of...
  13. scozz

    Joe Bonamassa

    Joe Bonamassa is appearing in Orlando in February...,tickets are really expensive imo. Be that as it thread here is about the LP he’s playing in this pic....anyone know about it?
  14. scozz

    Joe Bonamassa tickets

    I just found out in the past couple of days that Joe Bonamassa is appearing at the Dr Phillips Performing Arts Center in Orlando Fl February 22nd and 23rd. I live just about 45 minutes from Orlando. Now I haven’t been to a concert in over 35 years, I think the last concert I attended was The...
  15. scozz

    Tube Screamer for Clean Boost

    I was just wondering how many of us use a Tube Screamer, or any overdrive pedal, as a clean boost. I’ve been doing it more and more lately. I use my Maxon OD9 that I bought about 15 years ago to push my low watt amps a bit more..... I like it! Who else does it? How do you guys use it?
  16. scozz

    Marshall DSL20CR Questions...

    I’m thinking about picking up one of these. I have a few questions, maybe you guys could help me out. :) What are your thoughts about how this amp sounds at moderate volumes? How does the 10 watt mode sound? I’ve got a couple of amps with this feature and they both lose some top end in the...
  17. scozz

    DSL20CR Dimensions

    Ok, I know this sounds silly but I want to know....what are the dimensions of a DSL20 combo? Or more specifically how tall is it? Everywhere I look it’s listed as 16.5” high....and I just don’t believe it. It’s got to be at least 19.5 high. So I’m asking my friends here that may own one to...
  18. scozz

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my MLP Forum brethren and your families! Be safe if you’re traveling....and my best wishes to all! :)
  19. scozz

    1679 Stradivarius Guitar

    I thought this was interesting....
  20. scozz

    Fender Meteora

    Anyone have one or played one? Looks like a Tele/Jazzmaster procreation...

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