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  1. murmel

    Strymon NightSky

    I really like the Strymon Big Sky Reverb and wanted to buy one, when I stumbled on the new NightSky Reverb. Distribution in Europe starts in about two weeks, so I didn’t have a chance to talk to someone who owns it, or check it out in a store. From the YouTube videos it looks very promising...
  2. murmel

    What was your route through the world of guitars

    Preferences change back and forth on your way through the music world. So do the favorite guitars. I'll start with my way from the early 80s till today. My first electric guitar was a Sigma Les Paul Custom copy in the early 80s. I was pretty reckless with it, As it didn't have case I just...
  3. murmel

    Sig Sauer GmbH is going out of business

    A long tradition ends now. They had a lot of legal trouble for violating export restrictions (bypassing German export laws through their US sister company), also their products were no longer competitve and they lost major deals with Bundeswehr, The U.S. sister company Sig Sauer Inc will...
  4. murmel

    Destroying huge amounts of gasoline and diesel?

    Sorry for the klick bait. :p It’s actually an interesting topic. Stocks over here are still full of winter fuel, which can not be sold after may first, as it can do harm to engines at higher outside-temperatures. As almost nobody needs fuel these days, they have no idea how to get rid of it...
  5. murmel

    For those who like medieval rock (German lyrics)

    A friends band just relased the title track of their new album. I really like his guitar work on this track.
  6. murmel

    Venezuelan Patrol Ship tries to stop German Cruise Ship

    Very funny story
  7. murmel

    A friend of mine made a GoT metal cover feat violin and harp

    Actually Hans will do a whole series of Game of Thrones songs, and this is just the first one. I really like his work and I think it*s really worth sharing,
  8. murmel

    Boeing 737Max8

    Very sad news again. Two brand new planes lost (most likely) by airplane failure in just a few months. When you hear that planes crash in third or second world countries, your first thought was *probaly a 30 years old badly maintained plane“. Well it‘s different today, some of their airlines...
  9. murmel

    MusicRadar (Total Guitar) picked Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy as this years top rock guitarists.

    I know that they are not too popular on MLP but I think they deserve the title for their overall performance (songwriting, soloing, rythm playing, live performance).
  10. murmel

    Saw Tremonti Monday night ...

    in Munich. He was on fire. I have seen Mark many times with his solo band and Alter Bridge, and he was always amazing, but Monday was unreal. If you meet him he is such a calm and humble guy, but on stage he is pure energy. The new Album is probably the most complete of his solo albums, but also...
  11. murmel

    Trade deficits in a globalized economy

    Currently there is a huge discussion about trade deficits, and I have the feeling that this discussion completely ignores how global companies work. E.g. Germany has a huge surplus with the U.S., so as a first impression it seems that we buy a lot less from the U.S. than vice versa. While it`s...
  12. murmel

    Good bye Britain...

    Finally article 50 has been triggered. It`s sad in a way, but British people never really became friends of the EU, so hopefully they are happier now. I guess it`s just different if you're on an island. I assume we will see some tough negotiations during the next two years, but probably both...
  13. murmel

    The LIKE button is gone, prepare for the HATE button

    Just kidding, but you might like this:
  14. murmel

    Immigration: Your personal experience

    What is your very personal experience (or in your family) with moving in another country or culture? Please keep this completely personal. I have three siblings (half siblings to be precise) and we are all sort of migrants. My dad moved to the U.S. when I was a little kid because he got a...
  15. murmel

    Interesting BRExit side effect on soccer

    Just saw an article about this. Currently the EU Players can play for U.K. teams in the Premier League without restrictions. After the exit only players that meet certain pretty strict rules can play. E.g. only players that are in their national team and that have done more than 30% of the...
  16. murmel

    Which artist would you like to talk with for an hour

    For me it was Mark Tremonti, and I am happy that I had more time to talk with him on several ocasions than I expected and I enjoyed every minute of it.
  17. murmel

    Saw Steve Vai last night

    at the Ibanez Guitar Festival in Gutenstetten/Germany. I'm so impressed. He still rocks like a tornado. He was supposed to play 90 minutes he playd more than 2h15 minutes. Full speed, the whole Passion and Warfsre Show plus more. Saw him a short while ago in Berlin for a Masterclass and that was...
  18. murmel

    British MP Jo Cox

    mother of two died from an attack by a Brexit supporter earlier today. Thats so sick. I hope Britain will be leaving and we can end this discussion for good.
  19. murmel

    Yesterday in Zürich

    The jets of the French president, the German chancellor and Ed Force One.
  20. murmel

    No more bikini girls in Guitar World gear guide

    The girls were the best part of the gear guide. Girls and guitars are always a great combo. Maybe it`s outdated as they say, then call me a luddite. Guitar World publisher set to cease employing bikini-clad models in gear guide magazines | MusicRadar

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