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  1. BDW60

    Took my inherited 75-76 Les Paul Deluxe Blue Sparkle to get appraised, what can I expect?

    With that kind of family backstory, I would only sell that thing if I was stone cold desperate needing cash. Cool guitar. No way I would trade it for something else.
  2. BDW60

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    If labeling returns as “open box” and selling them for 3-5 percent less than a brand new guitar is gonna put all these places under, they’re probably going under anyway. They’re already making deals under advertised prices and that hasn’t put them under. We would have to know what percentage of...
  3. BDW60

    SOLD - Seymour Duncan Antiquities HB Set.

    Hmmmm. Would I slide these into my 50s Epi Standard? I don’t HATE the Probuckers but I don’t love ‘em either. hmmmmm.
  4. BDW60

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    I’m probably older than you? (56). I don’t feel entitled to a free anything, honestly. I prefer to resolve my own misstep if I make one, even if it costs me a few bucks. I am not comfortable passing something on to the next person because something didn’t immediately gratify me for some small...
  5. BDW60

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    Yet you seem to think the prospect of guitars that have been returned even multiple times being sold as new is somehow good for the consumer? It’s not good if you’re the consumer who ends up with it. If I buy a guitar sight unseen, and there’s nothing actually wrong it other than I don’t like...
  6. BDW60

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    I would be totally fine with a 10 percent restocking fee IF the stores passed that on to consumers in the form of honesty in pricing. It would likely discourage the renters and demo people from buying stuff with little intention of keeping it. Obviously, if there is something actually wrong with...
  7. BDW60

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    Every returned guitar should be listed as such and resold with a small discount. Then the buyer is getting what they paid for and what they are expecting. To sell me a guitar listed as “brand new” that could have been sitting in somebody’s house for a month or more getting played every day is a...
  8. BDW60

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    What do we really expect with these return policies? Said it before in other threads — we cannot be shocked we’re not getting new guitars even if we are paying for new. Places with far more scruples than GC are doing this. But most of them would at least take the time to put the pickup back in...
  9. BDW60

    Opinions on the top on my fav Les Paul

    Honestly, if it was mine I would refinish in an opaque color. That dead spot is just too weird to me. Why spend on a refinish when it’s still gonna be there staring you in the face? Gold top, Pelham blue, red sparkle ... lots of cool things it could be.
  10. BDW60

    Advice on MTM finish

    I’ve got nice Epi 50s Standard with a REAL red back that will never fade or bleed ... :) I would contact the custom shop and describe what you want and find out. That would be something I would want to talk to a human about for sure.
  11. BDW60

    New Standard 50s

    The only way I have ever gotten a sound I like out of the middle is to roll the neck volume off to between 7-8, regardless of how low the neck pickup is. Otherwise, it’s never truly something in the middle -- rather, it’s just a nuanced neck tone. You can hear the cocked wah thing happening as...
  12. BDW60

    New Standard 50s

    I also have a 50s Standard. The Probuckers gain some clarity and general tone improvement if you lower the pickups a touch from the factory set up and then raise all the pole pieces. A good full 360* turn. Made a nice difference to mine.
  13. BDW60

    Golden Era Heritage....perfect for "THE BLUES"

    The Blue Sky Burst.
  14. BDW60

    Debating "imperfections"

    I bought a used Custom 22 from a guy in Colorado maybe 12 years ago. It was the single most disappointing guitar purchase I’ve ever made. Just had nothing going on, no redeeming qualities at all. My son‘s SE single cut was better, and it wasn’t really close. Dead is the best way to describe it.
  15. BDW60

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    But you won’t lose your shirt re-selling a Murphy. I know HM does great makeovers, but I see them listed at prices that lead me to believe the sellers are getting killed based on what they likely have in it. Say you get a deal on an R9 for 5K. You send it to HM for 4K. Shipping is bat crap...
  16. BDW60

    Murphy Lab Pricing

    Totally justified. It is 4 times better than a USA Standard, thus the price ... ;) This is as it always is -- supply and demand. Murphy‘s name and skills are in high demand, the supply is somewhat limited, and some people always have dough to spend on things that most others can’t afford. He...
  17. BDW60

    Hated songs by great bands?

    Yeah, I didn’t have the natural gravel throat required to pull that song off well. We played it because people loved yelling sonofabitch. Never failed to get ‘em up and going.
  18. BDW60

    Debating "imperfections"

    Of all the Les Pauls I have owned (about 20), the file marks on the binding were BY FAR the worst mess on a 2005 Standard I bought brand new. These issues are not new at all. They have always been around. I think people are just more informed by forums and the internet these days and that is...
  19. BDW60

    Indecision is a bitch

    The Probuckers are funny ... they don’t sound good enough that you absolutely love them bit don’t sound bad enough that you know right away that they’re goners. The 490/498 will make the guitar a lot different. Less vintagy, more modern. I will say that the Probuckers in my 50s Standard got a...
  20. BDW60

    Diet plan for my LP

    Almost half a pound is huge for balance and overall weight. Great to see how this was done in detail. What are your impressions about what the Faber stiff did to the tone?

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