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  1. TKOjams

    This may be a silly question, but...

    would higher voltage cap cause volume loss when going for that "woman tone" more so than a lower voltage cap.. Having this issue with '50's wiring and 450volt cap.. just wondering if anyone else has noticed this happening.. Thanks, Ken
  2. TKOjams

    Counterfeit Guitar Bust Yields 861 Gibson Fakes, Ends with Prison Sentence

    Counterfeit Guitar Bust Yields 861 Gibson Fakes, Ends with Prison Sentence
  3. TKOjams

    looking for something like this..

    does any one know where I can get something similar??
  4. TKOjams

    the first Black Beauty that guitars is up for auction!!
  5. TKOjams

    P90 question...

    so.... has anyone taken a soap bar p90 and replaced the bottom plate to make it a dog ear?? Or am I thinking crazy.
  6. TKOjams

    Les paul Studio from ebay

    so, I picked up this little beauty a while back and was wondering if it used to belonged to anybody here?
  7. TKOjams

    Love this!!!

    Who you gonna call? - YouTube
  8. TKOjams


    Bringing a bunch of parts back to life. :)
  9. TKOjams

    Custom designed tailpiece Guitar Tailpiece NEW Innovative TailPeace Dsignz® - YouTube
  10. TKOjams

    23 years ago today...

    We said goodbye to Stevie. :( My favorite player, and my Idol. Stevie Ray Vaughan Love Me Darlin Live From Austin Texas 1080P - YouTube
  11. TKOjams

    My Celia Prototype #01 for sale on ebay

    Luthier Built Single Cut Prototype My Take on The Les Paul Body Shape | eBay
  12. TKOjams

    A question to my left handed brethren

    I am building a LH LP and was asked by one of my FB friends which way the pots would function. I haven't really given it much thought.:shock: So, which way do you prefer? CW = volume up CCW = volume up I would figure CCW so it would mirror the controls of a right handed guitar...
  13. TKOjams

    need a good laugh??

    1974 Gibson Les Paul Project Guitar w OHSC | eBay
  14. TKOjams

    So, what is it about teles...

    ...that it's totally accepable for them to be crafted from lesser quality, and soft woods like Pine? Using wood with huge knots, deep gouges, even bullet holes, ect. Ive seen some teles built from wood that in my opinion was basicly, firewood and people fawn all over them. (I'm not judging...
  15. TKOjams

    Where to get thumbwheels,

    Does anyone know a source where I can buy just thumbwheels in quantity? As with many other parts used on guitars, they must be used for something else, somewhere, right?:hmm:
  16. TKOjams

    Has anyone heard from gator payne??

    It's been a year since his last post. I miss His wisdom, even though it could get a little long winded.:D I hope he's well.
  17. TKOjams

    seymour duncan p rails

    I'm building a Jr style guitar and thinking of foregoing the single p90 for a seymour duncan p rail. Has anyone tried one in a Les Paul Jr.?:hmm: If so, tell what you thought about it please. Thanks, Ken
  18. TKOjams

    RIP Ronnie James (Padavona) Dio

    Three years ago today we lost one of the greatest Metal singers ever. Rainbow - Still Im Sad (Live in Munich 1977) Part3 HD - YouTube
  19. TKOjams

    Carved top Doublecut w/ P90's

    In bit the bullet and listed it on ebay.... .Luthier Built Carved Top Double Cutaway LP Style Guitar | eBay
  20. TKOjams

    Free 60 gal. compressor good condition,needs work

    If you live near CT and want to make the trip to come and pick it's yours FREE. Needs an electric motor. two compressors, (both need reeds), belt cage and flywheel goes with it. Tank does not leak at all. PM me to set a time to come pick it up.

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