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  1. d1m1

    Will the vintage les paul market ever fall?

    I´m not an economist but i dont see that coming anywhere soon (in the next century)
  2. d1m1

    Will the vintage les paul market ever fall?

    Thats right in eastern europe and south america there is still a little bit hop for guitar playing but speaking of vintage marked and prices, those countries income will propably never reach western standards. Most folks would have to work two lifes to afford a vintage Gibson or Fender.
  3. d1m1

    Will the vintage les paul market ever fall?

    How many under 15 yo play guitar today and how many under 15 yo played guitar 30-40 years ago? Or even listen to rock, blues etc? The answere will give you a picture of futures market... I guess there will be more e.g. 50ies LP Juniors out there, than guitar players (if i´m not mistaken...
  4. d1m1

    Vintage P90 pickup weight

    1952 P90´s have a thinner cover. So they ahve to be 2g or 3g lighter :thumb:
  5. d1m1

    *** 1954 LP Goldtop Restoration ***

    Puh for a while i thought you re going to retop it. Great job!
  6. d1m1

    1955 Les Paul Junior

    Great find!
  7. d1m1

    My first BURST to start 2021

    Amazing guitar! Enjoy it in health!
  8. d1m1

    How much is “just in our heads” ?

    The nylon bushings as Eric mentioned and maybe something with the setup of the guitar (the neck moves while changing strings; different string tension and high, affect tone): And of course the new strings sound better as well.
  9. d1m1

    This top is Checking

    As always great geetars and great pics!
  10. d1m1

    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    awesome! great choice!
  11. d1m1

    NGD 60th Mojo

    eye candy :dude:
  12. d1m1

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    Thanks! In this case i may should notice that the pickups are from 1956 taken out many years ago to to convert the LP to 57 sepcs
  13. d1m1

    quality vs quantity

    I would say quantity of quality :thumb: but to get back to your question, i would prefer quality. And for 10K i would find a 50ies LP Standard for restoration/conversion or get you a 50ies LP Special and you would be in a different world. It´s like 5 Hyundai or one Porsche? What else could you...
  14. d1m1

    How come nobody makes a “correct” ABR?

    as i know they stoped the production couple years ago.. they are out of business..
  15. d1m1

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    #1 a 1955 LP Blacktop and just for fun #2 a 2010 LP R5 Alnico Wraptail with a set of orig. 1956 pickups (next to an early 60ies Magnatone 214 Tonemaster and an Isle of Tone Haze67Fuzz with 60ies Newmarket NKT275 - for Gearnerds)
  16. d1m1

    How come nobody makes a “correct” ABR?

    the best ABR i had yet is from DMC
  17. d1m1

    The crushing disappointment of removing your customebucker cover.....

    Dimarzio trademarked the double white in the USA only. Thats why winders like Wizz or Ox4 can do double whites. But also winders in the USA do double whites :dude:
  18. d1m1

    Now, You Too Can Be Depressed AF!!!

    No words. But they will propably sell more Ukuleles than ever
  19. d1m1

    54-55? Found on Facebook....

    Wow i love it! Great guitar! So cool barn find!

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