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  1. Pesh

    Buying an R0 - which one should I sell?

    Get rid of the cherry if you have to get rid of anything, and start playing the other one more.
  2. Pesh

    New Gibson B-25 acoustics...?

    Came across these recently...seemingly new Gibson B-25 models in the acoustic line. They don't seem to be a reissue of the previous model, which was more a round shoulder dreadnought-ish shape. These seem to share a silhouette of the J line, albeit with smaller dimensions akin to a...
  3. Pesh

    NVGD: 1962 ES-355

    That thing looks amazing! I think you've made the right choices every step of the way and got yourself one heck of a result. Congrats mate.
  4. Pesh

    Neck Relief increasing by itself?

    My mahogany-neck TradPro2 needs an adjustment a couple of times a year thanks to the temperature and humidity swings in Barcelona. The maple-neck studio, and the other instruments, seem to hold better and have rarely needed adjusting.
  5. Pesh

    Best replacement buckers for LP?

    Apologies for the delay in responding! Hadn't logged in recently. And sorry for necro'ing the post. UK - At The Creamery, Monty's, or Alchemy. US/Canada - Fralin, McNelly.
  6. Pesh

    Midtown build finished

    Incredible! Hell of a top on that. Great result on that build, well done!
  7. Pesh

    Neck Through SG

    Super cool! Loving the way that turned out as a one-piece CNC job. Sub'd.
  8. Pesh

    1969 Tele Thinline build

    Loving this build so far - great job with the binding repair.
  9. Pesh

    COVID 19 Tele Paul Build

    That is a piece of supreme bad-assery. Well done mate that's a great looking build.
  10. Pesh

    Recommend me a good strap lock to use with an LP

    +1 for Schallers. They work brilliantly, and they provide an extra long screw to really anchor that thing into the instrument. Even with them, though; you'd never catch me spinning a guitar. Asking for trouble, even if it looks rock n' roll...
  11. Pesh

    Half a Strat is better than none

    Great looking build! That top is wonderfully patterned, and the whole thing came out just great.
  12. Pesh

    Best replacement buckers for LP?

    I'm a big advocate of going to a boutique maker and getting a custom set. Generally they cost a bit more than an off the shelf piece, but you often get more choices, and they pay a lot of personal attention to something that will be uniquely yours. Plus you're supporting a small business :)
  13. Pesh

    NGD- Harrison Clapton 1957 LUCY

    Very nice! Sounds like you were chasing her for a while around the world, and finally snapped her up. Congrats and HNGD!
  14. Pesh


    Lovely flame-y goodness. Congrats and HNGD!
  15. Pesh

    What do you like about Gibson?

    You're playing a big part of music history. And in most cases, you're playing a piece of artwork. Carved wooden artwork, with a sprinkle of simple but incredible electrical engineering.
  16. Pesh

    Pick the color of the LP Studio I'm going to refinish.

    Plum or the copper orange!
  17. Pesh

    NGD 2020 Slash

    Something very nice and unique, there! Congrats and HNGD!
  18. Pesh


    That's anything but a plain top. Very nice score, congrats and HNGD!
  19. Pesh

    Les Paul supreme check

    Stunner. Looks fine. Good luck on working out a deal!

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