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  1. JTM45

    Three huge quakes hit New Zealand, 7.4, 7.3, and 8.1

    Those are no joke quakes, hopefully everyone will be ok
  2. JTM45

    This is terrible This is horrible
  3. JTM45

    POLL! Which one do you like best?!

    Lemon lover here
  4. JTM45

    Does anything really surprise you anymore?

    Oh for God fuckin sakes :lol: I surrender
  5. JTM45

    Another "Florida Man" story. And this one Hurts!

    And the muthafucker never brought it back to me, they call me stubby now and I dont like it
  6. JTM45

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Thayre not at that reading level yet, give them a few years I’m sure they'll get to it. Hooked on Phonix is next I consider myself a pretty reasonable guy and can listen to the other points of view reasonably, I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell were witnessing right now, I’m...
  7. JTM45


    That’s damn good but I hate the heavy chorus on Kotzens lead but man they can both sing too
  8. JTM45

    LtDave's "Desert Star" Guitars

    How’s the Schenker V coming?
  9. JTM45

    Don't Kill a Groove: Why Modern Pop Music Sucks Part II

    Wow that was terrible. I wonder how it would effect groups like rush and dream theatre ? Goes to show the heart and soul of a good song is the people playing it and not perfection
  10. JTM45

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    What in Tarnation is going on in this world? Do the Europeans have these problems?
  11. JTM45

    Grundle Butter!

    Too salty, I prefer FUPA cheese
  12. JTM45

    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    I’m going to the doctor and am asking him to stick his finger up Steve’s ass money well spent
  13. JTM45

    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    Now the triggered are going to be re-triggered Hard to believe a potato toy could break the world:lol: I swear if all this lunacy continues I’m going to join them and go bang Rosie
  14. JTM45

    When Eddie Van Halen Played On That Jackson 5 Song

    Oh man that was good
  15. JTM45

    Found this at a garage sale.

    Holy mackerel!
  16. JTM45

    When Eddie Van Halen Played on that Steely Dan Song

    I think it would have sounded like it was forced, the dude was a genius but I don’t see his tone jiving with SD
  17. JTM45

    Fowl play at Cockfight

    Sounds kind of poultry to me
  18. JTM45

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    I agree with you, I know a lot of 24 fret players that don’t like les Paul’s for that reason, if they want 24 they should buy a prophecy I don’t stay away from them because they don’t sound like a les Paul, that to me would be ridiculous. If I want a les Paul sound I’m buying a les Paul

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