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  1. DrBGood

    Enough with those expensive fretboard oils

  2. DrBGood

    Are Gibson 57's really better ?

    You tell me.
  3. DrBGood

    2020 P90 LP Jr ?
  4. DrBGood

    Almost NOS Roland BC-60 310

    Got this big boy 3 days ago for a good price. It was bought new 5 or 6 years ago and owner told me he played it but a couple of times. Store tag and bar code sticker still on it. All the ones I see on the web lost most of their knob gold caps. This one still has them all, so I poped them all out...
  5. DrBGood

    Blackstar HT 20 Studio opinion ?

    I'm about to buy a combo tomorrow. Any users here, anything to look for, How about reliability ? If I like it, it might replace the Traynor YCV20. I was also looking for an Ignater Tweaker 20W. Should I wait ?
  6. DrBGood

    Any love for the Bandit ?

    I got this almost new mid 90's one for a small amount of dinero. Seller was original owner ! It has the Sheffield 12" and footswitch is included. Back of chassis: ground switch, external speaker, footswitch, power amp input, preamp out. Effect loop on front panel. All pots need cleaning, but...
  7. DrBGood

    Sustain ... what is it ?

    Hear the can of worms open, but we can be civilised about this, can we ? I'm looking for a honest discussion, no hearsay please. Stay calm and evrything will be fine, We don't have anything else to do, don't we ? :h5...
  8. DrBGood

    Right now LIVE on Facebook, Steve Hill

  9. DrBGood

    Jimi on P90's

  10. DrBGood

    NGD 2006 Les Paul Junior '57 Reissue

    The add, some 3600km away. When I got it amonth later. Lots of DNA to scrub. After cleaning, replacing the P100 with a P90 and a good setup, that thing is a tone beast.
  11. DrBGood

    666 or the Six Horn Club

    Present family Previous
  12. DrBGood

    Good P90

    I love my Tyson Tone Wraptail 57's. EDIT: Ooops, that was a track with the Sanford Magnetics.
  13. DrBGood

    Lab Series L5

    Anybody played or owned one before ? It's said to be a Twin Reverb contender built in conjunction with Moog and Gibson. It sure has the weight ! I got BB King's amp in a yard sale ... for $50 !
  14. DrBGood

    N SG D

    Where do you put the guitar when you have a 1½ hour drive to come back home ? I put it on the passenger seat to ogle it on the way. Almost pornographic, with the cheap snake skin strap.
  15. DrBGood

    Is this the real deal ?

  16. DrBGood

    Crate Turbo Valve 60

    Anybody knows something about this amp ? 60W X 12'' speaker 2 channels Loop effect and presence Four 12AX7, one 12AU7 and two 6L6 GT/5881 All this looks great, but does the amp sound good. I could probably trade it for my Black Heart Handsome Devil. Should I ?
  17. DrBGood

    Epi Special One finish ... what is it ?

    I have a Epiphone LP Special P90 in TV Yellow, and I made a surface blister from a screwdriver slide from adjusting the bridge height (don't ask ...). The finish was lifted from the wood and made a small ¼ inch whitish bubble. I read somewhere that an electric iron (for clothes) could swell...
  18. DrBGood

    May have a great deal on a DC ...

    Vendor says '93. Has a bolt-on neck. How much is a good deal ?
  19. DrBGood

    Junior LP questions ...

    Is there such a thing as a LP Jr with a single soapbar, not a surface dogear ?
  20. DrBGood

    A pair of Jonesyblues hand wound PAFs by Tom Brantley

    I have a nice pair of Jonesyblues hand wound PAFs by Tom Brantley for sale here. Unpotted PAFs with Nickel covers and braided leads. They've been installed in my SG for a few weeks and played for a few hours. They look like new. Leads are same lenght as new. Really nice vintage PAF sound. Just...

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