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  1. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD. 2014 SUHR MODERN LEXUS PEARL METALLIC $2,800.00* + Shipping/Paypal fees OBO. SOLD

    Damn that's hot! How close can the neck pickup get to classic strat tones?
  2. Scott Dollyhite

    WTB White Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Sorry man, I'm a stickler for an ebony board. Thanks for reaching out either way.
  3. Scott Dollyhite

    WTB White Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Looking for a white LP Custom with a preferably thinner neck. Let me know what ya got! Thanks!
  4. Scott Dollyhite

    2010 Les Paul custom black beauty sold

    Bump for a freakin' awesome guitar! Love my 2007. Best of luck with the sale my man!
  5. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD-----Marshall JVM410 Combo ***PRICE DROP***

    Yep! Still here. Sorry I'm just now responding to your message. Didn't realize someone had posted. Shoot me a message if you're still interested. Thanks!
  6. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD-----Marshall JVM410 Combo ***PRICE DROP***

    Selling my Marshall JVM410 Combo. It has some slight cosmetic wear but nothing major at all. There are a few small knicks in on the grille cloth and a few super small nicks in the tolex but is otherwise in fantastic condition. Everything functions perfectly. Has the original speakers and comes...
  7. Scott Dollyhite

    SOLD****Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 V Twenty-five

    Just picked this up a few weeks ago but I've decided it's just not for me. It's in perfect working order but does have some minor cosmetic things. The most notable is the tarnished/rusted screws, washers and handle. The telex is in great shape with only a couple of super small nicks. It comes...
  8. Scott Dollyhite

    Les Paul Custom Neck Specs

    Sweet! That's exactly what I'm after!

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