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  1. ErictheRed

    Bare Knuckle Holydiver Neck Pickup

    Bare Knuckle Holydiver Neck Pickup with raw nickel cover (I love this look)! I purchased this new as part of a set in December, but decided that this is a little more modern and bright than I wanted and went with the Emerald neck to pair with the Holydiver bridge. It's got full leads and is...
  2. ErictheRed

    New title: Replacing middle pickup with high output, flat pickup?

    Edit: See reply #24, I've decided to look for a high output, flat single coil pickup instead of removing the middle pickup completely. Figured that I'd post this here instead of in the pickups section, because it's not really about tone and it's kind of a stupid idea, so it probably belongs in...
  3. ErictheRed

    How to Properly Set the Pole Piece Height on Humbuckers

    Many people don't seem to realize that adjusting the pole piece height in your pickups can dramatically affect your sound, so I've created this guide to shed light on how to best set the pole piece height on humbucking pickups. This simple adjustment can do wonders to improve clarity and...
  4. ErictheRed

    Bare Knuckle Pickups Nailbomb bridge

    Excellent condition Bare Knuckle Alnico Nailbomb bridge pickup, 53mm spacing (F-spacing), nickel cover. Pickup has full lead length. Box and paperwork included, as well as springs, etc. I bought it new and had it in a custom direct-mount guitar for a few months, but I'm more of a PAF guy and...
  5. ErictheRed

    What happened to this guitar?

    So, I recently bought a Suhr Modern HH from a private party online (not through here, I found the ad on Craigslist, talked to the seller on the phone, bought it with PayPal). I've always had great results until now. I was told that the guitar was in excellent condition, all original, no dents...
  6. ErictheRed

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Custom Long Scale

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a 2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom Long Scale, preferably with the 60s neck and iced tea, but I'm open to any specs. I actually found one to purchase, but it looks like the seller found a local buyer and decided not to ship it. Message me what you have, thanks!
  7. ErictheRed

    FS: 2017 Suhr Modern, excellent condition!

    Suhr Modern Pro HSH in Bengal Burst. I was completely blown away when I played this guitar! I went to the shop mostly thinking about a Paul Reed Smith, but came home with this after playing a bunch of different guitars. It's fantastic, the only reason I'm selling is because I just ordered a...
  8. ErictheRed

    Guitar with a Les Paul bridge/tailpiece but Fender scale length?

    The Les Paul bridge and tailpiece is by far my absolute favorite. I love the height of the bridge above the body and the way that the strings break away over the bridge: it's just perfect for my right hand to control the exact amount of muting that I want, and on what string. That's probably...
  9. ErictheRed

    How to mix these speakers...?

    I've got one of these older vertical Mesa 2x12" cabs with the closed bottom and open top: I also have a new Mesa Lonestar 2x12" that can be either an open or closed back: These are the speakers that I have: 1 Mesa EVL-200 (came in the closed part of the vertical 2x12) 1 Mesa branded...
  10. ErictheRed

    WTB: Bare Knuckle Holydiver pickups with raw nickel covers

    Anyone have a set of Bare Knuckle Holydivers, 53mm bridge, with raw nickel covers? Or similar (regular nickel, open coils, etc)? I'm about to order some but figured I'd check here, thanks!
  11. ErictheRed

    Carl Martin PlexiTone V2 distortion pedal

    Awesome boutique distortion pedal, made famous by Pete Thorn who helped to redesign the version 2. It's one of the best distortions I've ever played and really nails the higher gain, hot-rodded Marshall tones (think Van Halen and other modded Marshalls from the 80s). Check out the Pete Thorn...
  12. ErictheRed

    FS: Suhr Deluxe Padded Gig Bag

    This came with my 2018 Suhr Modern, and I just purchased a G&G hard shell case for it, so I don't have any real use for this gig bag anymore. Very good condition with some minor scuffs. My local Suhr dealer (Vision Guitars in San Jose, CA) sells these for $139 new, I'd like to do $100...
  13. ErictheRed

    I just learned that this guitar exists:

    The Gibson Double Cut Modern. Seems very cool, a bit of a PRS vibe though. I can't believe how many guitars are out there from major brands that I've never heard of!
  14. ErictheRed

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Long Scale (and similar)?

    So I've become a lot more interested in heavy music lately (mostly Swedish bands like Opeth and Katatonia), and I've been down tuning a half step. I'd like to go a full step down (D-G-C-F-A-D). I have other guitars that I could use also, but on my Les Paul with 10s, I already feel like a half...
  15. ErictheRed

    Best music room flooring option?

    I'm not sure which sub-forum this best belongs in, but I have a fairly good sized extra room in my new house (we bought it about 7 months ago) that I'm using as an office and music room. It has some really old, crappy carpet in it. In fact the whole house has old carpet, and we're going to...
  16. ErictheRed

    You guys are right,

    the world is going to s**t. I'm also about ready to give up thinking that the other side might have some reasonable explanation for their actions/beliefs/ideas. I'm about 95% serious, this isn't a trolling thread or anything. That is all.
  17. ErictheRed

    Seymour Duncan Jazz neck and JB bridge pickup set

    Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 (F-spaced) and Jazz SH-2N pickup set. Mint condition. These are dated October 2019 and came out of a brand new guitar that I bought last month. I've had a lot of guitars with this classic pickup combination, and for this guitar I decided to try something else. More than...
  18. ErictheRed

    Suhr Badger 30 head

    Black Badger 30 head in excellent condition, possibly a small ding in the tolex but that's it. To be clear, I'm only selling the head (and already sold one of the cabs in the picture). The Badger 30 is a fantastic amplifier, it does all of those more classic clean, edge of breakup, low, and...
  19. ErictheRed

    New Amps Week!! Fender Blackface content

    It all started here: After selling a '66 Vibrolux Reverb that never quite did it for me, I picked up a 1965 Bassman with matching cab and 1965 Pro Reverb. The best part is, I picked up both of these amps...
  20. ErictheRed

    Deputy killed and manhunt underway in my little town

    About a mile up the road from me, manhunt has been going on for a few hours. Perpetrator is probably holed up in the woods somewhere (I'm in Ben Lomond, the Santa Cruz mountains) and will come out after dark. I've got a wife and three young kids at home. The sirens and helicopters have been...

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