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  1. Oranjeaap

    Inlay gaps - okay or need filling?

    Cosmetic issue I guess. I have similar gaps on one guitar and it never caused any issues.
  2. Oranjeaap

    Vintage 1969 Les Paul Goldtop with P-90s

    Insane! Would love to hear the story behind this one. I'd rather spend 10k on this than on some limited edition collectors choice that some folks put behind glass because playing might devalue it.
  3. Oranjeaap

    1969 Gibson SG Standard "Large Guard" with Maestro Vibrola

    So you have a time machine hidden somewhere, and instead of preventing WW2 you decided to visit Woodstock and bring back an SG? Geez, some people......
  4. Oranjeaap

    Any idea what this kind of flame is called?

    Somewhere between wide flame and quilt? The "imperfection" of this top is what makes it perfect imo. Love it, nice score!
  5. Oranjeaap

    Wiring in 87 Les Paul Studio

    If you have a multimeter you can check the resistance of the pickups in kOhm, they're probably what is now the 490R/498T set, but they could also be a PAF style pickup, that could explain the low output if your other guitars have burstbuckers or 490/498 sets. Ofcourse it could be a cold solder...
  6. Oranjeaap

    Wiring in 87 Les Paul Studio

    The soldering doesn't look that bad to me. Did someone change pickups or are they original? Pretty sure you can get some better information if you google "change to 50s wiring gibson" or something. If you're not happy with the tone of your guitar when the volume and tone are at maximum, the...
  7. Oranjeaap

    Wiring in 87 Les Paul Studio

    If they're 500k pots I don't see why you would change anything. Isn't going from modern to 50's wiring really easy? Just switch a few wires around?
  8. Oranjeaap

    Seasoned Skillet.Who Maintains One?

    I tried a couple of times. It's not working for me I guess I don't fry enough greasy stuff to get a good seasoning. Ah well, atleast I eat healthy :dunno:
  9. Oranjeaap

    Unofficial official anything GRECO theory photo id related thread

    Buyee ships worldwide, method depends on your location. I don't see UK on the list where EMS is available at the moment, but they'll keep your parcel stored for free until EMS is back and running. You can use FedEx/UPS but it's more expensive. I've used buyee a few times and so far everything is...
  10. Oranjeaap

    celluloid inlay material

    Good luck, keep us posted. Test a really tine piece first, so if it set's on fire you're not ruining a large piece or damage the machine.
  11. Oranjeaap

    celluloid inlay material

    Cut it with a Laser printer? I believe the stuff to be flamable so anything with laser in it sounds like a bad idea. But I'm far from an expert on the matter.
  12. Oranjeaap

    Fifty shades of White

    Bingo! That's also the reason it's still a work in progress.
  13. Oranjeaap

    Question about Les Paul Studio
  14. Oranjeaap

    Unofficial official anything GRECO theory photo id related thread

    Lets dig it up again. Time to test your knowledge! What years did Greco use the big oval sticker on the back of the headstock with the model number?
  15. Oranjeaap

    A simple question

    Are you asking if you can put more than 1 case on top of eachother?
  16. Oranjeaap

    weed and Covid-19

    I had no idea who either of them are so I went to wikipedia. Willie Nelson: While swimming in Hawaii in 1981, Nelson's lung collapsed. He was taken to the Maui Memorial Hospital and his scheduled concerts were canceled.[175] Nelson temporarily stopped smoking cigarettes each time his lungs...
  17. Oranjeaap

    weed and Covid-19

    Only thing smoking weed helps you with is achieve an early death.
  18. Oranjeaap

    Jauce VS Rinkya

    I missed it a week before when it sold for 28k with a different humbucker in the neck :mad2:. Still mad about it, i was highest bidder till 10 secs before the end but i had failed to see it was an auction without automatic extension.
  19. Oranjeaap

    Tokai LS-100 Refret (Nibs) question

    Picture of the frets? They don't look too bad from far away.
  20. Oranjeaap

    Should I return my new Gibson Custom?

    I just came from that thread. Shaking my head, and wondering, are people getting pickier by the day or is Gibson dropping the ball like never before? Then seconds later I saw this thread title and I was like NO F*ING WAY, EVEN IN THE BACKSTAGE NOW?? Yep, got me good, funny stuff though

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