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  1. skydog

    New Les Paul. Possible fake pickups? Tampered? Debating returning.

    You should read the OP before responding…
  2. skydog

    Do plain tops, gold tops really sound better than flame tops?

    Sadly, threads like this are more the norm than the exception around here.
  3. skydog

    Dale Earnhardt Les Pauls - My eyes! I can't unsee these!

    The ‘She dropped the soap in the shower’ model…
  4. skydog

    FSOT: 1972 Gibson SG Pro! Rare!

    There's a few on tgp that have been listed at least that long!
  5. skydog

    how much off on a NOS R9 historic w/o case candies/coa?

    Why has it sat so long?
  6. skydog

    I may have found a Norlin LP custom, does it seem legit?

    The only advantage that guitar has compared to a new R9 is that it's old. That's more of a detriment than an advantage. Those Norlins are the guitars mainly responsible for the popularity of reissues.
  7. skydog

    Difference between Studio and Custom?

    2 lbs. 3 ozs.
  8. skydog

    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    They are now in CYA/ Recovery mode!
  9. skydog

    Just loved the way it looked this evening when I set it down

    Did you read it a bedtime story?
  10. skydog

    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    At that moment you tell him to reverse the entire deal or you're seeking legal recourse.
  11. skydog

    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    I don't; it makes it easier for dealers to treat future customers this way. The OP is still owed ~$2,000 and EC is still grinning. I'd like to know how much cash the consigner received. I hope it was worth it, I'd never consider doing business with them after this. They were either guilty of...
  12. skydog

    Replacement knobs on a gold top?

    Have you had any time to play it, in between all those knob mods?!
  13. skydog

    Container Ship Loses Cargo

    Rogue waves? Storms? It's economics. By hauling excess on each passage they more than cover the occasional loss. The penalties for the pollution should make it prohibitive, but obviously enough it doesn't.
  14. skydog

    Container Ship Loses Cargo

    Why would ethanol be shipped to the USA?
  15. skydog

    Advice on upgrades for a 2020 Epiphone LP Special?

    Play it as is or buy a used Gibson.
  16. skydog

    Selling Epiphone les paul inside

    I'll take it, please send paypal addy.
  17. skydog

    I'm sending my Les Paul to Gibson Repair for a nut replacement.

    Jim DeCola is a master luthier and runs the repair shop in Gibson Nashville. The production line wouldn't even see your guitar.
  18. skydog


    Bumping this thread after 11+ years for some fresh Gretsch pics!
  19. skydog

    FS 2014 Gibson Dave Grohl DG 335 Pelham Blue

    Pic not showing for me. In ‘73-‘75, I had a ‘69 Mach 1 w/ 351 Cleveland. What color are you going with? Mine was a gold metallic with black interior.
  20. skydog

    Does anyone know what percentage Aluminium was in the zinc alloy castings?

    If you're referring to ZAMAK (German acronym for zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper), I've always heard 4%.

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