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  1. Progear

    Removing refin paint

    Hey guys, Need some help.. i got a strat from a friend that seems to have some kind of rattle can refin ( latex ?) There is evidence that it maybe a 50’s body and i can clearly see what appears to be the original finish. What is the best and safest way to remove the rattle can finish and...
  2. Progear

    Verification on 55/56 tele pickup

    Hey guys need some help, does this bridge pickup look correct for a 55/56 tele ? thanks in advance...
  3. Progear

    60's Vintage Gibson Reflector Knobs (set)

    FS: from the 60's Vintage Gibson Reflector Knobs, a set of 4. Excellent conditions. $250 PPG
  4. Progear

    FS: Area 59 Les Paul Parts

    FS: Area59 Aged Les paul Tail Piece. Excellent condition, the best of the best in repro parts.. SOLD FS: Area59 (2) Aged Les Paul Switch Poker Chips. hardly any ink is visible. The best of the best in repro parts $ 40.00 PPG
  5. Progear


    FS: PIGTAIL Abr bridge, tailpiece, studs, thump wheels and posts package. Aged with alum bridge. What you see is what you get.. ** SOLD ***
  6. Progear

    FS: THROBAK SLE-101 LTD Pickups... $500

    FS: THROBAK SLE-101 LTD Humbucker Pickups. These where a limited run of Pickups Jon made with Nos wire. Aged nickel pickup covers. Bridge @ 7.87 ohms, Neck @ 7.36 ohms and very well balanced. Had them installed in my les paul. Amazing sounding Pickups, the best of the best IMHO... SOLD
  7. Progear

    FS: Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11-Band EQ Speaker Emulator

    FS: Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11-Band EQ Speaker Emulator. IMHO the best in the market. Used at home with my 100 watt Marshall also sounds great for recording. No longer needed since I sold my Marshall. Manual, power and box included. In perfect condition... Sold
  8. Progear

    FS: 1954 les Paul P90 Pickups

    Available for Sale: 1954 Les Paul P90 Pickups w/cream covers. Excellent condition for there age and more important they sound amazing. Bridge is 7.99 ohms and Neck is 7.94ohms. I purchased this set from Jim @ Jamcity Guitars a few years back. Selling some of stuff to finance a vintage guitar...
  9. Progear

    Kemper Powered profiler on way

    Well I caught the bug and ordered a Kemper powered profiler, I researched both the Profiler and the Axe-fxII+ and was ready to order the axe, but decided to talk to my buddy and he convinced me to go the profiler way... I'll report back in a few days on my thoughts...
  10. Progear

    56/59 LP Conversion, HM Treatment

    Hello Folks, Some of you may remember my conversion, i was never real happy with the color. So i sent her to Kim @ Historic Makeover to have her resprayed in an ice tea with slight relic/aging.. I'am extremely happy with the work Kim and the boys did, the service was impeccable, with photo...
  11. Progear

    FS: 1968 Les Paul GT, 8.5K, Philly Guitar Show

    For Sale: 1968 Les Paul Gold Top with a Dave Johnson Refinish. it comes with a heavy heart to sell one of most beloved guitars. All original except for a Dave Johnson refin and one of the pots is dated from1969 the other 3 are date 33 week of 1968. its an early series ’68 les paul. One...
  12. Progear

    FS: 1980 Tokai LS80 GT. Deliver Philly GTR Show

    1980 Tokai LS80 Love Rock Gold Top. All original (not sure on the pick guard & poker chip.) modeled after a 1958 les paul. I have owned this guitar since 1987 and is one amazing playing and sounding guitar, excellent feeling neck.. Comes with non original aftermarket case. Has an extra small...
  13. Progear

    FS: 1974 Fender Vibrolux, Deliver Philly Guitar Show

    For Sale: 1974 Fender Vibrolux 2x10 combo amp, 100% original, very very close to mint condition. Very Small tolex blemish. Also includes Original foot switch and cover. Amazing sounding amp. I thought i had it sold to a friend, but he couldn’t come up with the $.. so she on the selling block...
  14. Progear

    FS: (2) Vintage Ampeg V4 Cabs, Deliver Philly Guitar Show

    For Sale, 2- Vintage Ampeg V4 4x12 speaker cab 1)Loaded 2 Scumback M75/25w and 2 J75/30w speakers, nicely broken and excellent sounding. Cab is in excellent condition for its age. Ken Fisher of Trainwreck fame favorite 4x12 cab and for good reason... 100% vintage plywood cab. Asking $600 obo...
  15. Progear

    FS: 1971 Marshall 4x12B Cab, Deliver Philly GTR Show

    For sale, 1971 Marshall Straight Bottom 4x12 Cab. Has original handles, not sure on wheels. Was told it has 2 original celestion G12m speakers date code 1971 and 2 Celestion G12H Speakers, code date 1975. not sure if they have the original cones or not, was told they where.. I never really...
  16. Progear

    SOLD - FS: 1972 Marshall 1960 4x12 Cab

    SOLD -- Thanks RCCola
  17. Progear

    FS: 1971 Marshall Super Bass, Mint, Deliver Philly GTR Show

    For sale, 1971 Marshall Super Bass amp, 100 watt amp, as perfect condition as I have ever seen, all original (so I have been told). Vintage NOS Tubes, Original transformers, no mods, no tolex tears. 2 very small holes on the back panel where they would wrap the power cord. Still has two prong...
  18. Progear

    NVGD, 1953 les Paul w/bigsby

    New addition to the family, 1953 les Paul, all original except for the bigsby and added selector switch ring.. According to the previous owner the bigsby seems to have been added in the late '50's. Original tailpiece stud holes are underneath the dogbone bridge. Untouched solder joints and...
  19. Progear

    Pat # Pickup ??

    Hello all, hopefully some members can help me identify this pup... It seems to me '63-'65 .. Thanx :dude:
  20. Progear

    NVGD 1963 Es345

    I came across a player grade 1963 es345 in cherry, No original parts except the wiring harness and beat up knobs. Original finish with alot of player wear and checking, but no breaks.. so i pulled the trigger, And she arrived last week .:wow: I removed and safety put away the Varitone...

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