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  1. Tommy71

    NGD - 2009 Gibson Les Paul R9 Reissue

    Hello all! Sold my two USA Gibson recently and bought my very first R9 Custom shop model. One question. Are these Gibson stock pots? There is no code on the bottom of pots..
  2. Tommy71

    Marshall Amp/Speaker connection 16ohm x 16ohm question.

    Hello all, I was thinking if this is the right way, using two speaker cable to connect my Marshall silver jubilee mini head to my Marshall 2536 Silver Jubilee 2x12" cabinet, if i want to run the amp in "16 ohm mode" for both speaker for my silver jubilee cab. because if i use only one cable, it...
  3. Tommy71

    Celestion Vintage 30 vs Seventy 80 - Marshall SL5 Slash

    Hello all, I made this little speakers comparison with my Marshall SL5, and want to share the result with you. It is clear that V30 sounds more brighter than 70/80, but on my taste and when this Slash SL5 amp is already very bright sounding combo, i actually like very much how the "Seventy 80"...
  4. Tommy71

    NGD - Orville Les Paul Standard LPS-80F -1994.

    Hello all, I get my first MIJ Les paul last week. It's a Orville Les Paul Standard LPS-80F from 1994. Very nice guitar and it plays fantastic. First i think to upgrade at least pickups but after few hour of playing they sounds just great and i leave it all original.. Here is some pictures.
  5. Tommy71

    NAD: Marshall DSL1H

    Looking this little amp for pretty long time, and now find it one ""Brand new"" from Italian music store, and im so happy with it!! I think that they are no longer available as a new, almost anywhere.. Maybe i bought last one!:naughty:
  6. Tommy71

    New cab "Marshall MX112" & Speaker swap.

    Hi, I decided to order ext, cabinet for my Marshall SL5 combo, and I ended up to choose "Marshall MX112" cap. I also order Celestion vintage 30 speaker for the cab, because SL5 have it and it sounds so nice. Problem with SL5 and ext cabinet was that SL5 have only two output, one for 16ohms and...
  7. Tommy71

    Gibson 57 Classic vs. Seymour Duncan APH 2N

    Just made a short video to compare about these pickups differences. To me they sounds very similiar.. what do you think? :slash:
  8. Tommy71

    LP Standard, differences on years 2007 and 2008?

    Hi guys! Im going to buy my first LP Standard soon, maybe as early as next week, but I wonder one thing... I have two strong candidates, very similar prices and in the condition. Only difference is year is made. So is there any big difference between years 2007 or 2008?
  9. Tommy71

    Question about Gibson "Plain Tops"?

    Hi, i recently bought Gibson Les Paul classic 2016 "Plain Top". The guitar feels and play excellent and i love it. However, there is one thing that I've wondered.. is it normal that on "plain top" have these so called "bird eye" on it? I dont know if its poor quality, or not, but on some...
  10. Tommy71

    NGD! 2013 "Gibson Les Paul Future tribute"

    Hi! bought this new 2013 "Gibson Les Paul Future tribute" body and hardware from STRATosphere parts ebay. Installed pair of seymour duncan Slash Alnico 2 Pro humbuckers and cts pots etc.. and I am very happy with the result!!!:slash:
  11. Tommy71

    Neck lacquer cracks

    Hi, I just bought an LP copy from ebay and guitar is great and i love it. anyway, now i found some lacquer cracks on the neck and I wonder what could have caused that cracking. It looks like it is only lacquer, not wood, what do you guys think? any recommend how to fix it?
  12. Tommy71

    Refinishing Epiphone LP std ebony.

    Hi, some pics about my LP refinishing project... i use ebony wood dye and Danish-oil for my guitar. Here we go.
  13. Tommy71

    upgrading pickups !

    Hi, im going to upgrade my Epi LP Std pickups soon, anyone have experiences about these two sets.. SEYMOUR DUNCAN: S.DUNCAN JB/JAZZ SET - MUSAMAAILMA OY Or EMG-HZ EMG-H4 kitaramikrofoni - MUSAMAAILMA OY EMG-H4A kitaramikrofoni - MUSAMAAILMA OY Tommy

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