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  1. jojo

    Moved to Texas to get AWAY from snow. (Gratuitous LP pics)

    doesn't happen too often there
  2. jojo

    NGD: 1981 Silverburst Custom

  3. jojo

    dimming a fender twin reverb.

    I don't dime mine but I'll play it loud when my band jams again and slam it with a fuzz pedal.
  4. jojo

    Any thoughts about the Origin 20 combo

    Heard the origins have like zero bass
  5. jojo

    '70s Orange OR120

    Man, mine was really loud and didn’t get dirty until it was brutally loud so i used a fuzz which I’d normally do anyway....I have an OR 80 which is a bit better in that area...I have a 70’s GT120 Matamp that was like that OR 120, so I had it modded w a master volume and I don’t regret it one...
  6. jojo

    Les Pauls are AMAZING guitars... BUT...

    Agreed !!! Sometimes I’ll grab a strat for that tone, other times my LPs or SGs or V or ....
  7. jojo

    Straplocks? Does anyone use them?

    I've tightened them with a wrench before a gig and had the nuts come loose during a gig. They were installed properly. I do use a thick leather strap though. Now I put locktite on the nuts during installation and that resolves the issue.
  8. jojo

    NAD: Ceriatone Plexi 100 Super Lead

    That's a sick rig !
  9. jojo

    Anyone run a Variac?

    Some older amps don't need them, but my vintage orange amps do. They were not designed to be run at modern US wall voltages and need to be run at around 106-8 volts. I measured my jam room at over 122 volts. I use a variable power transformer to step them down. I don't have an expensive one but...
  10. jojo

    What do you play on your les?

    I like a lot of styles but def gravitate towards loud stonery Doomy stuff. I mix in psychedelic and bluesy/prog stuff too. Set my amps clean generally and step on my fuzz pedal for heavyness !
  11. jojo

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    Cool !!!
  12. jojo

    NGD: L6-S Reissue

    Cool guitar !
  13. jojo

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom

    Very, very cool ! Grats man !!!!
  14. jojo

    NGD Les Paul Custom

    Grats !!!
  15. jojo

    NGD + membership renewal

    Nice LP !
  16. jojo

    A Murder of SG's

  17. jojo

    Traynor YBA-1 amps, modded

    nice !
  18. jojo

    Supporting local businesses

    Looks great !
  19. jojo

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Long Scale (and similar)?

    You could just use heavier gauge strings . A lot of people tune that low on Gibson’s. All mine are in drop c or c standard .

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