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  1. MikeyV

    Not today, guys...Not in America

    My heart if full. My home state of California. To me, this is what being American is all about. No matter how you feel about the 'Rona, The Gov't, Trump, this is what it's all about. 'Merca.
  2. MikeyV

    Celestion T1221 - 1978 - coil frozen, for recon

    Here's a Celestion T1221 speaker, 1978. Date code DL10. Cone code is a WF number, can't read it all. Speaker has a frozen voice coil, the cone is un-torn and intact. One lead wire has been harvested from this speaker. Missing red/black wire ferrels. No back cover. Frame is in nice shape, no...
  3. MikeyV

    Historic Les Paul Lifton Case - 6 latch - 2014 era

    Here's a nice Lifton Les Paul case, it was from a 2014 Historic Les Paul. Very good used condition. Basically perfect apart from the scratch on the back, shown in the close-up photo. Minor wear on the latches, one little nick on the handle. Inside is perfect. Nice case, comes with the key...
  4. MikeyV

    WTB - Marshall 1960B/1982B - Not too nice..

    I'm on the hunt for a Marshall 1960B or 1982B cab. Here's what I 'm looking for, specifically: -1972-1974 (plastic corners prefered) -Original Tolex (small tears, scuffs, bare wood OK to a degree) -Original large Check grille (no major tears) -Original Speakers (I could stomach a proper re-cone...
  5. MikeyV

    HEY! The Market Sucks - Let's trade (R8)

    The Reissue market is really sucky right now. Let's help each other out by trading axes and avoid taking the hit twice! I have: 2013 R8 VOS Flame-Top - Iced Tea - All Hand tags/COA, Case and Gibson box. Very near mint. You have: 2013/14 Gibson SG VOS Historic, all tags/COA/case +$600 OR...
  6. MikeyV

    FT: 2013 Iced Tea R8 VOS - Like new

    Putting this out as a trade feeler. I have a 2013 LesPaul R8 in the VOS format. It's only been unsed lightly by me at home, has one little nick on the back of the headstock, and a dimple or two. Very small stuff. Like new otherwise, no play wear to speak of. Comes withthe original case, all...

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