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  1. skydog

    What happened to the “read this before you buy a LP” thread?

    And the LP 101 (I think?) threads? I think @Tim Plains authored some of them.
  2. skydog

    Is this truly an ‘Inspired By’ issue?

    Used Epiphone Inspired By Les Paul Custom 1955 Reissue with Case
  3. skydog

    How does Epiphone do it?

    $799 for this beauty? That's just crazy!
  4. skydog

    Have you ever bought a skuzzy?

    You know, a used guitar that arrived so dirty that you were afraid to play it without first getting a tetanus shot?! Don't get me wrong, I agree they're ‘made to be played’, but even before this age of frequent hand washing/sanitizing, there's a fine line there. Anyway, a quick afternoon spent...
  5. skydog

    MF SDOD Epi 339 Pro

    $349 in Wine Red!
  6. skydog

    This Epiphone is kicking my butt!

    It's a ‘96 Trans Amber Les Paul. I bought a wiring upgrade kit and went with the short shaft pots as this is pretty much the standard. Of course all the holes had to be reamed out, no big deal. The short shaft pots barely clear the top, so little that I can't get a washer on them, only the nuts...
  7. skydog

    Lotta' work for just a chance at $50 gift card

    Maybe if you got one for participating at all…
  8. skydog

    If you've got something ordered with GC

    I'd try and get your money back.
  9. skydog

    Does anyone know of “Superchamp”’s whereabouts?

    He used to post frequently, now I can't find a trace.
  10. skydog

    What size frets on 90’s €pi's?

    I mic'd them @ 0.103w, but can't get a height due the bound board.
  11. skydog

    Ever see a Gibson SG serial number like this?

    Gibson SG serial # 034242
  12. skydog

    My new invention

    I'm trying to get on ‘Shark Tank’! Preliminary sketch, but it's made of high gloss black vinyl, designed to slip over the ‘clip ear’ style headstock and convert it to the newer design 2020 headstock. Will have the ‘Epiphone' logo on one side, and the 'Gibson' logo on the other (for the real...
  13. skydog

    Identity Crisis

    Help needed, please. The sn is F6, so Fine factory, Korea 1996. I don't know if it's a Translucent Amber or something else. ‘Kluson’ style tuners w/ green buttons, ‘Limited Edition’ on headstock. TRC reads ‘GIBSON’. Pickups are not stock. I'm not sure what the back wood is, doesn't look like...
  14. skydog

    Will the new headstock design reduce tone?!

    Sort of tongue-in-cheek question, but I was looking at my 90’s Epiphone headstock vs. a typical Gibson version. Most of the discussions so far have been based mostly on aesthetics. A lot of the extra wood is between the nut and the E and e tuners. Years ago, they even sold this device that...
  15. skydog

    Source for nice looking fretboard marker inlays

    To replace the factory Epi ones. Is it DIY job?
  16. skydog

    I'm confused about the goings-on @Gibson

    This is NOT a bashing thread, nor do I want it to become one. For the last couple of years or so, I've read a lot about how bad Henry is at the helm, and how all the major players from designers and builders have been let go or left voluntarily. There were also posts describing how poorly the...
  17. skydog

    ‘53 Blackguard Tele *SOLD*

    Built from Musikraft® wood (Licensed by Fender® to exact specifications). Light weight, 2 piece, ash body. 7.25" neck is one piece maple, fat C (.95"-.95+) with jumbo frets. The body was painted by TGP’S own Tim Burton aka Superlead, who did a great job with the nitro, coloring, and aging...
  18. skydog

    FSOT: 2008 Gadow Custom

    Gadow Custom Single 2008 Antique Sunburst Ryan's solid body build version of the Custom Hollow. Classic maple/mahogany. This is from Ryan's custom shop, not to be confused with the American Series. Priced for a quick sale, I over-extended recently on gear! Ships in Gadow Custom Hardshell case...
  19. skydog

    Why do I keep getting these alerts?

    Just started a few weeks ago. “Xxxxxxxxxx uploaded an image called 7DBFB326-C691-45BE-86B3-37E9FD81BD37 to the watched category My Les Paul Member Galleries.”
  20. skydog

    Mods please delete

    Mods please delete

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